Monday, May 25, 2009

Sister Madly

So now enters the little sister. The little sister who frequently gets mistaken for the older sister.
That may sometimes have to do with the fact that i steal almost every item of clothing that she owns as she is the one with the full time job and i am the one with the full-time study (aka year 12)
So i'm giving this whole blog thing a go. I love my clothes and i make do with my part-time job wage and live-in full-time job sister who likes to shop a lot.
Recently, my school production was on and of course, on the last night there was an after party. Voila, my outift:Black T-Shirt - Jay Jays; Silver Jeans - French Connection; Red Pumps - Fetish; Heart Pendant - Sportsgirl

It was quite disappointing when i got to the party as every single light had been covered with red cellophane so the full glory of my (well robyns...)awesome jeans could not be appreciated :(
Although, I was one of the very few girls there not draped in a rag or strip of cloth which i was quite proud of :P
I bought a Country Road knit the other day, will put that up some other time
And this weekend is my Year 12 Formal!! I have the most amazing dress by my favourite designer so you'll just have to wait and see...


(hows that for a first blog??)