Monday, March 15, 2010

The dos and don'ts of being a Chain Store Whore

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...since starting uni I've been incredibly busy, plus I've been wearing really boring stuff - I get enough stares for being one of the few girls in Automotive Engineering without wearing something kooky to boot! Today I'm wearing a beige knee length cargo skirt from Esprit, dark grey singlet top and thongs. Yawn central. But I do feel like having a bit of a rant about things that I feel are unacceptable appearance wise, the lesson being that even if you are cheap, doesn't mean you have to look it:

Trackies outside the house (unless you are exercising): Just. Say. No. This, along with ugg boots outside the house, is possibly my biggest pet hate, because it's so SLOPPY. And 'but it's ten o clock at night and I'm doing a supermarket run!' doesn't cut it...on my first day of uni I had to run to the supermarket to grab batteries at 10:30pm and I changed out of my trackies. This is my alternative to a super comfy trackies outfit that hopefully does not look so sloppy:

Leggings: Target; Top: Primark; Cardigan: Country Road; Shoes: Steve Madden; Pashmina: Little India, Singapore.

Chipped nail polish: Another one that is so easy to fix...just take it off!

Applying makeup in public: last week I was sitting on the train opposite a very stylish and possibly expensively dressed lady, although she wasn't wearing obvious labels, it was all very discreetly posh. She ruined the image however by getting out the mascara and I spent the next ten minutes watching her (from behind the comfort of mirrored sunglasses) apply a full face of slap. Classy.

*end rant*

Anyway I should probably get onto doing some awesome Engineering Mechanics last thing though, I've taken the plunge and gone completely blonde, and will never do it again because it was PAINFUL, and I've got a job working at Dizingof. Evidence of both items of interest in photo below:

Dress: Dizingof; Bride: The very lovely and lately-married Jess.

- Robyn