Friday, August 29, 2008

I like shiny things (in case you hadn't guessed)

I really really adore shiny things, I think at heart I'm still 12 years old. So you can imagine my delight when I saw these in Big W yesterday, for the princely sum of $6.97 a pair. At a price like that who needs to decide between gold and silver?

I think I'm going to Springvale for a haircut and to get out and enjoy the last rays of winter sunshine.

- Robyn

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


First of all, look! A shiny shiny new header! How exciting ey. I can even tell you what clothing's in it :D

Silver - my vintage sequinned gig top (until my dress is fixed, apparently); Yellow - Supre dress; Orange - Sportsgirl shorts; Pink - Yeojin Bae for Target dress; Purple - Cotton On top; Blue - Basque dress; Green - Threadless t-shirt.

Tonight mum and I went to a dinner/wine tasting, for a newish Margaret River winery, Sandalford Estate...or something...Only I didn't get to drink any wine because I was driving. I did have one little tiny sip of a sem sav blanc though, and it was really nice. I'm thinking of doing a wine course at some point - I don't really drink wine and usually when a customer asks me what's good, I just recommend whatever's been selling well that week. I wore my springvale eye palette for a bit of fun, and MAC Port Red lipstick, quite possibly the best red ever, shame it's limited edition...

Coat - Bauhaus; Shoes - Rubi Shoes. Dog - Sushi (Nori's companion and chief tormentor).

Dress - Basque; Cardigan - my old cream one.

And a close up of the makeup:

My internet is working at home again and the weather's just beginning to be a bit less arctic, so hopefully I'll be updating a bit more frequently from now on :)

- Robyn

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bring on spring+Rubi shoes

Sorry for the non-updating of internet has been down at home for a few days, so I'm using my boyfriend's computer (he asked me if that was the only reason I came over tonight...and now that we have a Foxtel IQ at home, I pretty much have to say yes XD). I went shopping at Chadstone with Liz on Saturday (check out her blog surface layers on my favourite blogs list) and picked up some awesome stuff :D Hooray for Target, is all I can say! They had some adorable clothing. I'm also wearing my new red shoes from Rubi shoes - their ballet flats are 2 pairs for $20! I got silver ones too. I had actually been wearing a gorgeous pair of jewelled ballet flats from Witchery, but I'm still stretching them out and they were mangling my little toes.

Top - Dotti; Skirt - Topshop; Vest - Sportsgirl; Shoes - Rubi; Bag - Fossil.

I didn't actually buy *that* much from Target, but stashed my jacket, cardigan and scarf in there. Now I just have to wait for warmer weather so I can wear my new stuff :D

- Robyn

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Splash of colour

I ended up not going out yesterday...ate something that didn't agree with me and...well, you know the rest. I'm feeling better today though, and going out tonight to the city with Bren and friends. I haven't worn this skirt in ages, picked it up from Alannah Hill at the boxing day sales last year (although it's still one of the most expensive pieces in my wardrobe!). I'm usually at a loss trying to find a top to go with it, and was actually going to wear a vintage blue swing skirt I got on K road in Auckland (seriously the best vintage shopping EVAR) but the waist is unelasticised and is just a tad tight right now, so my hand fell on this skirt and voila.

Top - Sportsgirl; Cardigan - one I've had for 13 years; Skirt - Alannah Hill; Boots - Nine West.

- Robyn

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting out of the rut

Yay! I finally got out of my long jeans and hoodie rut today. Still had the hoodie, but it's still winter here and freezing! I also found a tripod today, while looking for the bicycle pump, so I'm not confined to my bedroom anymore. I was hanging out to wear this dress, which I haven't worn since the summer. Then I piled a whole lot of stuff on top of it...

Dress - Supre; Vest - Sportsgirl; Belt - Vintage; Shoes - Converse.

Hoodie and Cardigan - Jay Jays.

Jacket - Op Shop; Scarf - Myer; Beanie - Some camping brand.

I was actually hoping to get out of the house today but I had so much laundry to do (my parents are away) that I was stuck doing that, then had a jam session so there's my day gone. Hopefully tomorrow is still niceish so I can head out (once I've done all the ironing, that is).

- Robyn

PS This is my dog Nori. He likes finding comfy places to sleep, and my guitar cases are a favourite of his. As soon as I take the guitar out he's in there for the day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

what I'm looking forward to

There just isn't much happening by way of fashion with me right now...Melbourne has been freezing and it's forecast for rain all week, and I haven't been to the gym in ages and I'm feeling slobby and daggy. Urgh. I did however buy this cute skirt from topshop online over the weekend:

new skirt - bring on the warm weather!

I had some money in my paypal account, from doing email surveys (who would think you can actually make money off those!) so treated myself to the skirt.

I also found an old dress of my mum's. It's the classic 80s style high collared, mutton leg sleeved monstrority, but the fabric is nice:

Unfortunately the orange belt is cut exactly to fit the waist of the dress, which must be 24 or 25 inches - in any case it's way too small for me (especially as I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and have gained a bit of weight. ugh). If I knew how to sew, I would cut the skirt out, hem it to knee length (it's mid calf length right now) and put in a flat waistband...or I might just take it to the tailor. In the meantime I'm going to push away the family sized block of dairy milk and hang out the washing. Joy.

- Robyn

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Haircut

Because it is way too cold for a new outfit at the moment. And I was playing with my hair and realised it was FULL of split ends.

I'm really really sorry that I haven't blogged for so long, but seriously guys, way too cold here right now. Some mornings my car has been covered in ice. Most days I'm wearing this:

I figured I wouldn't bore all of you with my repetitiveness as well!

- Robyn