Saturday, August 16, 2008

Splash of colour

I ended up not going out yesterday...ate something that didn't agree with me and...well, you know the rest. I'm feeling better today though, and going out tonight to the city with Bren and friends. I haven't worn this skirt in ages, picked it up from Alannah Hill at the boxing day sales last year (although it's still one of the most expensive pieces in my wardrobe!). I'm usually at a loss trying to find a top to go with it, and was actually going to wear a vintage blue swing skirt I got on K road in Auckland (seriously the best vintage shopping EVAR) but the waist is unelasticised and is just a tad tight right now, so my hand fell on this skirt and voila.

Top - Sportsgirl; Cardigan - one I've had for 13 years; Skirt - Alannah Hill; Boots - Nine West.

- Robyn


Miss Karen said...

I love this skirt, it's so colourful!

And thank you for the dive bar rec I haven't been out in ages (unless it's to a gig or a house party) so I'll definitely check it out :D

a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! :) Love the print on the skirt.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the brightness of the skirt!

Rora said...

cute skirt. i love the little bit of lace around the edge!

Fashion Hayley said...

I love your haircut, its so chic. Your skirt is perfect for should wear it to my Spring Fashion Week Wrap Up Party (check my blog you are invited) Yay :> (You are in Melbourne right?)