Monday, August 11, 2008

what I'm looking forward to

There just isn't much happening by way of fashion with me right now...Melbourne has been freezing and it's forecast for rain all week, and I haven't been to the gym in ages and I'm feeling slobby and daggy. Urgh. I did however buy this cute skirt from topshop online over the weekend:

new skirt - bring on the warm weather!

I had some money in my paypal account, from doing email surveys (who would think you can actually make money off those!) so treated myself to the skirt.

I also found an old dress of my mum's. It's the classic 80s style high collared, mutton leg sleeved monstrority, but the fabric is nice:

Unfortunately the orange belt is cut exactly to fit the waist of the dress, which must be 24 or 25 inches - in any case it's way too small for me (especially as I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and have gained a bit of weight. ugh). If I knew how to sew, I would cut the skirt out, hem it to knee length (it's mid calf length right now) and put in a flat waistband...or I might just take it to the tailor. In the meantime I'm going to push away the family sized block of dairy milk and hang out the washing. Joy.

- Robyn


Skye said...

Ugh - the cold weather just needs to GO AWAY right now. I think that flowery topshop skirt looks super pretty, hopefully by the time it arrives you'll be skipping around in much warmer, happier times!

Anonymous said...

I bought that Laura Lees for Topshop skirt a couple of months ago... it's really cute!!

Love the new haircut too!

Thanks also for your recommendation of the Revlon Wine With Everything lipstick... I picked one up and I love it!

(SlaveBracelets on Vogue) :)