Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Corporate Drone

I'm really sorry, I was going to post my outfit for work today but forgot and got changed so I could learn the lyrics for 'Bye Bye Blackbird' and eat some dinner before rehearsal tonight. Why is it that everything in my life seems to happen at once? Started my new job yesterday, have performances this Friday, next Tuesday and next Sunday, Brendan's moving this weekend and a friend's 21st is also on Friday. My schedule the past two days has been something like this:

730-8:15 band rehearsal at school
9:00-5:20 work
8:00-10:00 drinks with ex-workmates (from the restaurant)

7:30-8:15 band rehearsal at school
9:00-5:20 work
7:00-9:00 band rehearsal with the Sisters of Sass

I haven't even had time to watch Top Gear Australia yet...it's a travesty.

- Robyn

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The summer wind came blowing in

How hot has it been in Melbourne this week!?!?!? I am so glad that it's my last week in the restaurant, the thought of spending another sweltering summer in there with the old fans and the barely functioning a/c and being surrounded by motors and coffee machines and dishwashers generating heat behind the bar doesn't bear thinking about.

Singlet - Cotton On; Skirt - Overseas; Cardigan - Overseas; Necklace - Gift.

Dress - er....Temt. Or Valley Girl.

I've only got two shifts left at the restaurant, and have been slowly saying goodbye to all my regulars. Some of them I have to admit I'm glad I won't be serving again, but I'm sad to say goodbye to others as I've known them for more than three years now. I still got asked whether I was new yesterday though...some things never change.

- Robyn

Monday, November 10, 2008


- really short shorts with the bottom of the pocket hanging out below the hem.
- those low cut tank tops/t-shirts with the really big arm holes where you can see a girl's entire bra underneath.
- sunglasses at night.
- rat's nest hair, as worn by schoolgirls everywhere.
- wrong size shoes, too small or too big. It's just not right.
- LEGGINGS AS PANTS. Unless you are actually a professional dancer (of the Australian Ballet/Chunky Move variety as opposed to the Spearmint Rhino/Goldfingers variety).
- little girls in high heels.

- Robyn

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 girls 1 cup day

(bonus points if you get the meme I referenced in the title, you sick sick human beings).

Kat, my little sister and born events manager, staged a little bit of a Melbourne Cup Day cocktail party on Tuesday, which I also attended as I'm still recovering from my cold and didn't really feel like leaving the house. Thank god the weather stayed nice, and how was the race! So so close. I managed to pick the third place getter (C'est La Guerre) but my friend who was at Flemington forgot to put my bet in, which serves me right for being too lazy to get down to the TAB myself. Anyway, enough about the horses, everyone knows Cup Day is all about the outfits:

Dress - Dangerfield; Belt - Target; Fascinator - mum's; Shoes - Kat's, Necklace - birthday gift.

I don't think I did too badly, considering that I kind of forgot to plan an outfit. Luckily my mum had the fascinator tucked away in her hat box. I should also credit her Nancy Ganz slip which helped me stay VPL-free and tucked into my dress, although I was restricted to steps of 6 inches or shorter.

Dress - Forever New; Belt - Vintage; Hat - Mum's; Bracelet - Myer; Shoes - Basque.

Kat was rocking the adorable 90s fresh faced look. It's very My Best Friend's Wedding, no? Props to her for staying in the heels all day too...mine were much lower yet I bailed after a couple of hours. One of the many perks of staying at home. Of course as soon as everybody left we changed into trackies and cleaned the place from top to bottom :)

- Robyn