Monday, November 10, 2008


- really short shorts with the bottom of the pocket hanging out below the hem.
- those low cut tank tops/t-shirts with the really big arm holes where you can see a girl's entire bra underneath.
- sunglasses at night.
- rat's nest hair, as worn by schoolgirls everywhere.
- wrong size shoes, too small or too big. It's just not right.
- LEGGINGS AS PANTS. Unless you are actually a professional dancer (of the Australian Ballet/Chunky Move variety as opposed to the Spearmint Rhino/Goldfingers variety).
- little girls in high heels.

- Robyn


Fashion Therapist said...

Well put!!! It really freaks me out when I see little girl in heels.

Skye said...

Totally agree - although I don't mind those big arm tank tops (they are really easily abused though).

Miss Karen said...

Amen sister! I own a few of those tank tops but I just wear a more appropriate one underneath so you don't see anything you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand guys with white plastic framed sunglasses on. Just seeing them infuriates me for some odd reason. And ditto little girls in heels. grr!


balcairn said...

Completely agree - particularly about the rat's nest hair. Was out with my mother the other day and she said loudly as we past a gaggle of them, "I wonder how much effort it takes to make your hair look that bad."

esme and the lane way said...

I agree – except for the messy hair! Though perhaps I'm thinking of something different..?
I don't want to see one more pair of those cut-off jean-shorts with the pockets hanging out again. BAD!!!

Maz said...

omg, if you added flies, bad customer service and people who merge in front of you but don't wave... it would be my complete pet hates list.
God, just thinking about ppl who wear sunnies at night or indoors...GRR.
anyway, found your blog through a link of a link of a link... and was so hooked, read from end to beginning :P
another fan for you!

Cheryl said...

I agree with you on the rat's nest hair! I was horrified when I came to Melbourne and saw all these girls with their ratty hair! How did it come about, anyway? Don't they get in trouble at school for wearing their hair like that?

AusAnna said...

HAHAHAHA i couldnt agree more. I HATE leggings as pants, it looks so terrible, do girls not realise how large it makes your behind look/
I LOVE your blog. would you like to exchange links?x

Robyn said...

fsahiontherapist - totally. What kind of mum wants to sexualise their children tha early, not to mention ruin their feet and back...

Sky & Miss Karen - actually yeah, those big tanks are nice with a more appropriate top underneath :) it's just the visible bra that I hate!

esme - I assure you your 'messy' is nothing like the schoolgirl's messy!

maz - Thanks ;)

Cheryl - You think they would. I went to a private girl's school and that trend came in right about the time I graduated, and no one really said anything. I think my school are tightening the rules though - my little sister said from next year fringes/bangs will be disallowed and hair will have to be pulled back neatly off the face.

ausanna - I'd love to swap links :)

Lisbeth said...

Agreed. End of sentence.

Cheryl said...

I hate that bangs will be disallowed because I think they look really good on high school girls. They're neat and preppy!

modernromance said...

omg i concur with everything
especially the rat's nest hair because its so obvious they spent time making it look like that ugh