Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, my schooling life has come to a close and to stay with the Australian tradition, i went to schoolies. I wasn't planning to go at all actually. I couldn't afford it and i was going to get my wisdom teeth out! But i canceled my operation because my surgeon is retiring and dad wanted to take me up to coolum anyway to check out the golf course he'll be competing at next year. and coincidentally all my friends were partying it up in Noose, a 15 minute drive away! So i planned with two friends to surprise the girls and i made it to Schoolies 09!
The weather was fabulous resulting in a magnificent tan which will last for the rest of summer. Now i've got my sister brigning me 50SPF back from Singapore so i don't get skin cancer. Some people complain of not tanning at all, i complain because i tan WAY to easily. The photo i have of this dress isn't fantastic. Because it's so dark you can't really see how well my tan goes with the yellow :P
dress: Peter Alexander
My sister and i are going through a Peter Alexander craze. We've bought a day&night playsuit and 2 day dresses. Loving the new day stuff, all bright and colourful for summer :D