Thursday, December 10, 2009

The last dregs of spring..

From an extremely warm day yesterday to cold and rainy today, spring is seeping into the first days of summer. I guess we should be thankful for it because we are definitely in for a VERY hot summer. The Sartorialist is in Melbourne for his book signing and i was planning to go after some goodbye drinks for a friend, however, although i'm an adult, mum wouldn't let me go by myself. So i was stuck in an overly dressed outfit for drinks at my friends place. oh well. 
blazer: G2000, t shirt: Bonds, skirt: Alannah Hill,flats: Tony Bianco

to market, to market

Queen Vic markets have awesome night markets every wednesday until February 24th, there's heaps of food, music and the atmosphere is unbelievable. The police band plays and they have songs from the 50's to now. For example they played I'm a Believer by the Monkees and then Good Girls Go Bag by Cobrastarship! And they're really good!
                                      scarf: mum's, t-shirt: Bonds, shorts: Espirit, sandals: Big W, bag: Fossil
I bought a bag from Alannah Hill, i just couldn't resist.  I'd spotted it in Brisbane and was going to save money for it first then buy it in Melbourne, but the day after i get home i get a text from the store, "20% storewide at Chadstone store today only!" and next thing i know i'm rushing off with mum and bought the bag (plus a skirt...:P)                  sunnies: Oakley, top: (unknown), shorts: Espirit, bag: Alannah Hill, sandals: Big W
Back of the top:

i love this bag so much...*sigh*

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yay for Big W!

i love cheap finds in stores like Target and Big W (hence the chain-store whore...), surprisingly through i found Big W had better stuff and cheaper too! I'd been looking for a cheap pair of sandals that don't look half bad and i think i did pretty well for $24.99...

  sunnies: Urban Outfitters, top: Big W, belt: Portmans, shorts: Jay Jays
sandals: Big W

I had to wear the belt otherwise it looked like i was wearing a REALLY short dress...