Wednesday, February 24, 2010

uke love

I recently got a ukulele, after suffering severe music playing withdrawal symptoms when I was overseas late last year and had no access to a musical instrument. This will prevent that woeful situation from ever happening again, hopefully. So far I can play 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' and 'Imagine', and I'm learning 'Toxic' (yes, as in the Britney Spears song).

I'm also wearing ridiculous shoes today because I probably won't leave the house until I go to my local Indian tonight for Vindaloo Against Violence. I've had these shoes for more than a year and have worn them maybe three times. I had forgotte all about them but just found them when I was looking for tap shoes.

Top: G2000; Skirt: Ice; Shoes: RMK; Ukulele: Mahalo

Pls ignore laundry and general mess. thks.

Also, a friend of mine has pointed me out to an uber uber UBER cool company called Dashing Tweeds, who make bespoke tweeds, including a fabulous fabric called Lumatwill, which looks like normal tweed during the day, but by night or when using flash photograhy, reveals reflective amazingness - perfect for some smart and safe cycling clothes. You can check them out here. They also have a range of beautifully tailored garments for men and women. I'm absolutely in love with their Lumatwill Cape, although at 400 quid I fear it may be out of my price range...

How perfectly lovely!

- Robyn

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of mice and women

Hello lovelies,

I had my last day at BMW yesterday... :( I'm sad to leave there but it just won't work for uni. They said I can come back any time though and they'll find a job for me...That's pretty cool! They also gave me an X6...ok so it was a model of an X6 but anyway...

Here's what I wore on my last day:

Blouse: Quirky Circus; Skirt: Jay Jays; Vest: Dotti; Shoes: Sportsgirl.

Close up of the shoes:

I heart them so much. I'm considering getting them in tan as well.

And here are my two adorable little guy mice, Leopold and Magnus:

They're having a nap in their new mouse palace.

I was going to write more but I have a splitting's the heat! Tonight I'm going to the Blue Tile Lounge to see my friend Penelope play with her awesome disco band Knight at the Discotheque, then tomorrow I'm life modelling for a arty of me!

- Robyn

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's outfit

I seriously can't think of a witty title today my lovelies...I was up at 5:45am to do my uni timetable. I somehow got Mondays and Thursdays off, which hopefully bodes well for a job I'm going for...if the manager who interviewed me ever returns my calls! Tomorrow's my last day at BMW....*sniff*. I've enjoyed this job a lot but it's full time and just won't work with my uni hours. Lucky person who takes over my position...

My only gripe is a pretty common office one...namely that the offices are FREEZING. It's warm and sunny outside and even in my outfit I was shivering all day.

Dress: Witchery; Cardigan: Jay Jays; Sunnies: Oakley; Shoes: Steve Madden.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when I wear this cardigan out...I bought it five years ago for $5. It's still going strong...also I have a scary addiction to mirrored sunglasses. Luckily I only bought one ridiculously expensive pair of Oakley Frogskins off eBay...the rest are all cheap knockoffs.

And being all topical, how FREAKING AWESOME is the American winter olympic team's snowboarding uniform for Vancouver...Gore-tex jeans!? Genius! Pure genius. I want a pair SO badly.

If Burton ever sell these to the public, I'm sooo buying some...because I go skiing all the time, *sigh*. Maybe I'll save them for when I other live in Europe or for when I defer uni for a year to live as a chalet girl in the French Alps...

- Robyn

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blingy nails!

After reading Super Kawai Mama's latest blog entry I remembered that I bought some nail jewels while I was in Singapore. I'm kind of fascinated by this particular form of adornment so last night I decided to go for it and bling my nails up. It's a bit of a rough job but maybe with practice I'll get better. Kind of weird having super bumpy nails as well. I'll see how long they last before I rip one off accidentally stuffing my hand in my pocket.

Incidentally, the nail colour is Shortcake from Sportsgirl...picked it up on sale so not sure if they have it anymore, but they do make some cute colours. I'd stay away from the pale, matte ones though...they don't go on very evenly.

For the last two weeks I've been working at my local BMW as Service's just a temporary position while they look for someone permanent. My last day is this Friday. I'm going to miss getting paid $25 an hour to meet and greet customers in the morning then spend the rest of the day on the phone to the previous day's customers, but I'm not going to miss 7:30am starts (even if they do come with 3:30pm finishes!). I had to do an emergency corporate wardrobe search as I'd not worn my work clothes since quitting Centrelink in late November, but I think I'm making a passable effort.

Blouse: Witchery; Skirt: some hippy shop in Newtown, Sydney; Shoes: Steve Madden.

I'm going to dinner tonight with some girlfriends...would much rather heat up a bowl of leftover pasta and watch the winter olympics, but that's not deemed socially acceptable...maybe I will have a nap before dinner. I'm so rock and roll.

- Robyn

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I heart Sportsgirl shoes

I find their clothes can be a bit overpriced, but Sportsgirl shoes are absolutely where it's AT. I just got these adorable black leather oxfords - very useful for my current (and unfortunately very temporary) job as Service Concierge at my local BMW dealership, because I spend the first three hours of every morning standing up and ballet flats just don't cut it then, and I'm lusting after their black suede high heeled over the knee boots like nothing else.

Tres adorable, non? I've worn them out (apart from work) once, and already got comments on them. When I finally get paid for my job, after paying off all my debts, those OTK boots are MINE.

- Robyn

I'm baa-aack!

Hello my darling blog readers, yes all two of you,

After a long, long absence, I am back in the blogosphere. I do apologise for leaving without so much as a goodbye, but I trust that my sister Kathryn has been taking good care of the place while I've been gone, and to be honest most of the interesting stuff I got last year she's posted in her outfits anyway.

Last year I worked full time for Centrelink, a job which I would wish on very few people. It takes a special sort of person to withstand 7 and a half hours of phone abuse every day, and I am not one of those special people, but having worked there gives me a new admiration for anyone who can. Sartorially speaking, I saw a big change in my wardrobe, from good excuse to play dressups to something a little bit more corporate. I also didn't feel I could post a lot of my outfits, seeing as I went from Jay Jays and Kmart to Witchery and Cue, which are arguably chain stores, but not in the super tight budget way that was the original spirit of this blog.

HOWEVER. This year I'm returning to full time study, and having so far been unable to find a job to see me through the year, I've dived back into chainstore shopping with a vengeance. I'm starting an Automotive Engineering degree at RMIT in the city in a couple of weeks time, which admittedly is not the most conducive environment for some of my more...shall we say....creative styles, hopefully once my fellow engineering geeks are used to me I can slowly start breaking out the fun stuff again.

Anyway, this blog is worthless without pics, so I humbly present to you a selection of my most recent chainstore purchases:

Enjoying a terribly civilised day at the tennis. T-shirt: Cotton On Body; Skirt: Dangerfield; Cardigan: Country Road; Hat: Mimco (which was reduced from $230 to $50. Yeeeahhhhh.)

Braving a night out in the city in heels - I am not a heels wearer. For good reason. Dress: Charlie Brown (OK again not a chain store, but it was $25 down from $200....); Heels: Rubi; Bag: vintage.

Another night out on the town...dress: H&M; Bag: Vintage.

I went to Europe in December, a few days in Paris, skiing in the French Alps and a week in London. This blog would be a lot easier to write if I lived over there....Primark and H&M are possibly my two favourite shops in the world. When the cooler weather comes my Primark purchases will almost certainly be making an appearance...

- Robyn