Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blingy nails!

After reading Super Kawai Mama's latest blog entry I remembered that I bought some nail jewels while I was in Singapore. I'm kind of fascinated by this particular form of adornment so last night I decided to go for it and bling my nails up. It's a bit of a rough job but maybe with practice I'll get better. Kind of weird having super bumpy nails as well. I'll see how long they last before I rip one off accidentally stuffing my hand in my pocket.

Incidentally, the nail colour is Shortcake from Sportsgirl...picked it up on sale so not sure if they have it anymore, but they do make some cute colours. I'd stay away from the pale, matte ones though...they don't go on very evenly.

For the last two weeks I've been working at my local BMW as Service's just a temporary position while they look for someone permanent. My last day is this Friday. I'm going to miss getting paid $25 an hour to meet and greet customers in the morning then spend the rest of the day on the phone to the previous day's customers, but I'm not going to miss 7:30am starts (even if they do come with 3:30pm finishes!). I had to do an emergency corporate wardrobe search as I'd not worn my work clothes since quitting Centrelink in late November, but I think I'm making a passable effort.

Blouse: Witchery; Skirt: some hippy shop in Newtown, Sydney; Shoes: Steve Madden.

I'm going to dinner tonight with some girlfriends...would much rather heat up a bowl of leftover pasta and watch the winter olympics, but that's not deemed socially acceptable...maybe I will have a nap before dinner. I'm so rock and roll.

- Robyn

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amazing nails,
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