Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm baa-aack!

Hello my darling blog readers, yes all two of you,

After a long, long absence, I am back in the blogosphere. I do apologise for leaving without so much as a goodbye, but I trust that my sister Kathryn has been taking good care of the place while I've been gone, and to be honest most of the interesting stuff I got last year she's posted in her outfits anyway.

Last year I worked full time for Centrelink, a job which I would wish on very few people. It takes a special sort of person to withstand 7 and a half hours of phone abuse every day, and I am not one of those special people, but having worked there gives me a new admiration for anyone who can. Sartorially speaking, I saw a big change in my wardrobe, from good excuse to play dressups to something a little bit more corporate. I also didn't feel I could post a lot of my outfits, seeing as I went from Jay Jays and Kmart to Witchery and Cue, which are arguably chain stores, but not in the super tight budget way that was the original spirit of this blog.

HOWEVER. This year I'm returning to full time study, and having so far been unable to find a job to see me through the year, I've dived back into chainstore shopping with a vengeance. I'm starting an Automotive Engineering degree at RMIT in the city in a couple of weeks time, which admittedly is not the most conducive environment for some of my more...shall we say....creative styles, hopefully once my fellow engineering geeks are used to me I can slowly start breaking out the fun stuff again.

Anyway, this blog is worthless without pics, so I humbly present to you a selection of my most recent chainstore purchases:

Enjoying a terribly civilised day at the tennis. T-shirt: Cotton On Body; Skirt: Dangerfield; Cardigan: Country Road; Hat: Mimco (which was reduced from $230 to $50. Yeeeahhhhh.)

Braving a night out in the city in heels - I am not a heels wearer. For good reason. Dress: Charlie Brown (OK again not a chain store, but it was $25 down from $200....); Heels: Rubi; Bag: vintage.

Another night out on the town...dress: H&M; Bag: Vintage.

I went to Europe in December, a few days in Paris, skiing in the French Alps and a week in London. This blog would be a lot easier to write if I lived over there....Primark and H&M are possibly my two favourite shops in the world. When the cooler weather comes my Primark purchases will almost certainly be making an appearance...

- Robyn


Carly Findlay said...

I really like the spotted top from Cotton On Body.

Carly Findlay said...
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Katya said...

Love the H&M dress today. I would dress in gold and black everyday if I could.

Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

Loving the Charlie Brown dress!

Carly Findlay said...

I bought the top from Cotton On Body today!
I had to have it!

my name's Morgan. said...

I absolutely LOVE your hair in the last picture...it suits you so well!


J C said...

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