Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just out for the day...

Just going to the shopping centre to print out my invites and get ingredients for a hospitality mocktails assessment.... jumper: Country Road, jeans: Sportsgirl, shoes: Big W, scarf: Unknwon

If you ever go past an Evia yoghurt place try the tiramisu yoghurt. 96% fat free heaven.

Girls and their cars....

Apart from my love of clothing, i also love cars (and a big, healthy dose of scifi -I LOVE DR WHO). The love began last year when my sister really started getting into it. We'd watch Top Gear every week, gushing over the Maseratis, Aston Martins and Mercedes etc. Then this year we got into motorsport, first Formula 1 then everything else (we can get a bit obsessive but it wouldn't be a passion any other way would it?)
So it was a dream come true when my friend's dad offered to give us a ride in the new Camaro that has come out in America only recently and not in Australia yet. There's only 8 in Oz at the moment and we got to ride in one. Its the same car as Bumblebee in Transformers, it was even the same bright yellow (just minus the racing stripes). I could go on forever, but long story short, IT WAS AMAZING. (we even had little kids taking photos of us in the car next door!) dress: Kookai, shoes: Basque, car: Camaro

Afterwards i had an 18th to go to (there are still plenty more to come, as well as mine!!) It was a massive Greek-fest and it was AWESOME. the food was phenomenal and the dancing was insane. i got to do the zorba and other traditional dances, it got a bit dangerous as there were 30+ girls in stilettos tittering around in a circle, a girl's foot got stabbed. I think i stepped on my own toes a few painful...

Fluro to Vintage

Friday night saw the annual Year 7 social between my school and our brother school. Hormones were raging at the BGS centenary hall, the fluro theme brought plenty of glowsticks and FGS contributed the dj. Epic. Fail. He's a cool guy but if he keeps calling out "What's up Brighton!!!" i will actually make sure he gets no more gigs. It was actually a really fun night being a chaperone. I danced on stage in front of a lot of my teachers. How embarrassing. I left the social at 8.30 to head off to yet another 18th. It was Vintage/Op Shop themed so i donned a mod-60s-esque look. (i had forgotten about the fluro theme of my 'before party')
t-shirt: Bonds, skirt: Volcom, flats: Betts, headband: unknown

You unfortunately cant see my earrings and make up too well. The earrings are the only authentic vintage i have, i think. Just some black and white metal circles