Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fluro to Vintage

Friday night saw the annual Year 7 social between my school and our brother school. Hormones were raging at the BGS centenary hall, the fluro theme brought plenty of glowsticks and FGS contributed the dj. Epic. Fail. He's a cool guy but if he keeps calling out "What's up Brighton!!!" i will actually make sure he gets no more gigs. It was actually a really fun night being a chaperone. I danced on stage in front of a lot of my teachers. How embarrassing. I left the social at 8.30 to head off to yet another 18th. It was Vintage/Op Shop themed so i donned a mod-60s-esque look. (i had forgotten about the fluro theme of my 'before party')
t-shirt: Bonds, skirt: Volcom, flats: Betts, headband: unknown

You unfortunately cant see my earrings and make up too well. The earrings are the only authentic vintage i have, i think. Just some black and white metal circles

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♥SM said...

oh my gawd. This pinup style is adorable :'D & your hairstyle completes the look.

xoxo SM <3