Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ultimate Party Frock

It started off with me wanting a black tulle skirt, nice and puffy and not too pricey. but the closest thing i found was $200+! So, i set my heart on making my own, and to my surprise, it took me an hour and cost me only $16.50 and it is PERFECT. Chance would have it, my dad bought a really beautiful necklace for my mum, which i was given permission to wear before her. A week before Lucy and Alice's 18th, i had planned my ultimate party outfit. and voila:
leotard: Bloch, skirt: ME!, bolero: Review, shoes: Steve Madden

The necklace:

I had to wear a skirt underneath coz it was a bit see-through and i was crossing my fingers that i wouldn't have to go to the bathroom the whole night because i was wearing a leotard! I got compliments on my outift the whole night, and minus the necklace, its one of the cheapest ones in my closet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chrystie's 18th

This was a few weeks ago now but i haven't had a chance to post it.
The shoes got cut out of the photo but they are the same one's i wore for my birthday (previous post)
hat: Mimco, bolero: Portmans, dress: Cue, shoes: Steve Madden

i'm mourning the loss of Steve Madden, one of their shops was right next to the restaurant i worked at and so wheneve i served someone outside i always got to look at gorgeous shoes. and the shop assistant, gave THE BEST discounts for my sister and i.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm finally 18!!!

Yay the day has come and gone, not without the party though! After working on my parents i managed to have a 60 person party at our house. It was epic. Especially my cake. I had a TARDIS from Doctor Who. It began to tilt dangerously on one side and BARELY made the cake cutting! Afterward my sister took me gay clubbing with my cousin and it was hilarious.
My workmates are the bomb. They got me a chocolate mousse cake at work, a bunch of roses and a cd. and of course special treatment throughout the day (ie. lots and lots of food, i work in an italian restaurant)
My dress was one of my highlights. As a present from my family i got the Meet For Tea Cake Dress from Alannah Hill and a belt.
dress and belt: Alannah Hill, shoes: Steve Madden

My friends were amazing and got me a Fossil handbag (which i confess i did ask for), a $200 Alannah Hill gift card, $300 (for travelling next year) and other little tid bits.

I LOVE the Spring/Summer collection Alannah Hill has designed. I've already selected a a cardi to get with my voucher, the Face to Face Cardi in cherry. yay for spring!