Thursday, December 10, 2009

The last dregs of spring..

From an extremely warm day yesterday to cold and rainy today, spring is seeping into the first days of summer. I guess we should be thankful for it because we are definitely in for a VERY hot summer. The Sartorialist is in Melbourne for his book signing and i was planning to go after some goodbye drinks for a friend, however, although i'm an adult, mum wouldn't let me go by myself. So i was stuck in an overly dressed outfit for drinks at my friends place. oh well. 
blazer: G2000, t shirt: Bonds, skirt: Alannah Hill,flats: Tony Bianco

to market, to market

Queen Vic markets have awesome night markets every wednesday until February 24th, there's heaps of food, music and the atmosphere is unbelievable. The police band plays and they have songs from the 50's to now. For example they played I'm a Believer by the Monkees and then Good Girls Go Bag by Cobrastarship! And they're really good!
                                      scarf: mum's, t-shirt: Bonds, shorts: Espirit, sandals: Big W, bag: Fossil
I bought a bag from Alannah Hill, i just couldn't resist.  I'd spotted it in Brisbane and was going to save money for it first then buy it in Melbourne, but the day after i get home i get a text from the store, "20% storewide at Chadstone store today only!" and next thing i know i'm rushing off with mum and bought the bag (plus a skirt...:P)                  sunnies: Oakley, top: (unknown), shorts: Espirit, bag: Alannah Hill, sandals: Big W
Back of the top:

i love this bag so much...*sigh*

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yay for Big W!

i love cheap finds in stores like Target and Big W (hence the chain-store whore...), surprisingly through i found Big W had better stuff and cheaper too! I'd been looking for a cheap pair of sandals that don't look half bad and i think i did pretty well for $24.99...

  sunnies: Urban Outfitters, top: Big W, belt: Portmans, shorts: Jay Jays
sandals: Big W

I had to wear the belt otherwise it looked like i was wearing a REALLY short dress...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, my schooling life has come to a close and to stay with the Australian tradition, i went to schoolies. I wasn't planning to go at all actually. I couldn't afford it and i was going to get my wisdom teeth out! But i canceled my operation because my surgeon is retiring and dad wanted to take me up to coolum anyway to check out the golf course he'll be competing at next year. and coincidentally all my friends were partying it up in Noose, a 15 minute drive away! So i planned with two friends to surprise the girls and i made it to Schoolies 09!
The weather was fabulous resulting in a magnificent tan which will last for the rest of summer. Now i've got my sister brigning me 50SPF back from Singapore so i don't get skin cancer. Some people complain of not tanning at all, i complain because i tan WAY to easily. The photo i have of this dress isn't fantastic. Because it's so dark you can't really see how well my tan goes with the yellow :P
dress: Peter Alexander
My sister and i are going through a Peter Alexander craze. We've bought a day&night playsuit and 2 day dresses. Loving the new day stuff, all bright and colourful for summer :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 days!

7 days of school to go! 

then exams...then I'M FREE!!
Found this and realised i never posted it:
                       top: Target, pink croptop: Bonds, belt: unknown, jeans: Lee, shoes: Alannah Hill

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ultimate Party Frock

It started off with me wanting a black tulle skirt, nice and puffy and not too pricey. but the closest thing i found was $200+! So, i set my heart on making my own, and to my surprise, it took me an hour and cost me only $16.50 and it is PERFECT. Chance would have it, my dad bought a really beautiful necklace for my mum, which i was given permission to wear before her. A week before Lucy and Alice's 18th, i had planned my ultimate party outfit. and voila:
leotard: Bloch, skirt: ME!, bolero: Review, shoes: Steve Madden

The necklace:

I had to wear a skirt underneath coz it was a bit see-through and i was crossing my fingers that i wouldn't have to go to the bathroom the whole night because i was wearing a leotard! I got compliments on my outift the whole night, and minus the necklace, its one of the cheapest ones in my closet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chrystie's 18th

This was a few weeks ago now but i haven't had a chance to post it.
The shoes got cut out of the photo but they are the same one's i wore for my birthday (previous post)
hat: Mimco, bolero: Portmans, dress: Cue, shoes: Steve Madden

i'm mourning the loss of Steve Madden, one of their shops was right next to the restaurant i worked at and so wheneve i served someone outside i always got to look at gorgeous shoes. and the shop assistant, gave THE BEST discounts for my sister and i.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm finally 18!!!

Yay the day has come and gone, not without the party though! After working on my parents i managed to have a 60 person party at our house. It was epic. Especially my cake. I had a TARDIS from Doctor Who. It began to tilt dangerously on one side and BARELY made the cake cutting! Afterward my sister took me gay clubbing with my cousin and it was hilarious.
My workmates are the bomb. They got me a chocolate mousse cake at work, a bunch of roses and a cd. and of course special treatment throughout the day (ie. lots and lots of food, i work in an italian restaurant)
My dress was one of my highlights. As a present from my family i got the Meet For Tea Cake Dress from Alannah Hill and a belt.
dress and belt: Alannah Hill, shoes: Steve Madden

My friends were amazing and got me a Fossil handbag (which i confess i did ask for), a $200 Alannah Hill gift card, $300 (for travelling next year) and other little tid bits.

I LOVE the Spring/Summer collection Alannah Hill has designed. I've already selected a a cardi to get with my voucher, the Face to Face Cardi in cherry. yay for spring!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just out for the day...

Just going to the shopping centre to print out my invites and get ingredients for a hospitality mocktails assessment.... jumper: Country Road, jeans: Sportsgirl, shoes: Big W, scarf: Unknwon

If you ever go past an Evia yoghurt place try the tiramisu yoghurt. 96% fat free heaven.

Girls and their cars....

Apart from my love of clothing, i also love cars (and a big, healthy dose of scifi -I LOVE DR WHO). The love began last year when my sister really started getting into it. We'd watch Top Gear every week, gushing over the Maseratis, Aston Martins and Mercedes etc. Then this year we got into motorsport, first Formula 1 then everything else (we can get a bit obsessive but it wouldn't be a passion any other way would it?)
So it was a dream come true when my friend's dad offered to give us a ride in the new Camaro that has come out in America only recently and not in Australia yet. There's only 8 in Oz at the moment and we got to ride in one. Its the same car as Bumblebee in Transformers, it was even the same bright yellow (just minus the racing stripes). I could go on forever, but long story short, IT WAS AMAZING. (we even had little kids taking photos of us in the car next door!) dress: Kookai, shoes: Basque, car: Camaro

Afterwards i had an 18th to go to (there are still plenty more to come, as well as mine!!) It was a massive Greek-fest and it was AWESOME. the food was phenomenal and the dancing was insane. i got to do the zorba and other traditional dances, it got a bit dangerous as there were 30+ girls in stilettos tittering around in a circle, a girl's foot got stabbed. I think i stepped on my own toes a few painful...

Fluro to Vintage

Friday night saw the annual Year 7 social between my school and our brother school. Hormones were raging at the BGS centenary hall, the fluro theme brought plenty of glowsticks and FGS contributed the dj. Epic. Fail. He's a cool guy but if he keeps calling out "What's up Brighton!!!" i will actually make sure he gets no more gigs. It was actually a really fun night being a chaperone. I danced on stage in front of a lot of my teachers. How embarrassing. I left the social at 8.30 to head off to yet another 18th. It was Vintage/Op Shop themed so i donned a mod-60s-esque look. (i had forgotten about the fluro theme of my 'before party')
t-shirt: Bonds, skirt: Volcom, flats: Betts, headband: unknown

You unfortunately cant see my earrings and make up too well. The earrings are the only authentic vintage i have, i think. Just some black and white metal circles

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Night Out

Yesterday night was Ellie's 18th. For once we got to enjoy a night out (well actually a night in) with just us girls and party the nigh away. I took advantage of the guy-free zone by wearing an extremely short dress, confident that i wouldn't catch any wondering eyes. I went for a 60s-mod look. Unfortunately the toll of having a party on friday, work on saturday then a party that night was that i was really pooped the whole evening. But i had my party hard moments and had fun taking ultimate jumping shots on the trampoline...
jacket: Jay Jays, dress: Fusion (Target), heels: Wittner
(i can't work out where my right foot went....)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No, you girls will never know how you make a boy feel

It has started. The overly productive parents of christmas and new years have thrust upon us the wrath of countless 18th birthday parties. For the next 10 weeks i have 12 18th birthday parties (including my own). A few weekends have 2 18ths! Everyone in my group is suffering from the annual birthday bankrupcy. Last night was James' 18th, my first party with the new hair, which i was very excited about. i had slept in braids overnight and wore them all day at school to 'curl' my hair. Tonight i have Ellie's 18th!dress: Basque, shoes: Wittner

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 New Dos

Robyn and i got new hair cuts today. I REALLY wanted a fringe, however, when i arrived at the hairdresser my hairdresser told me that i couldn't get one. Apparently i have uneven hair, it's thinner on the left so she said my fringe would look lopsided. She also said that i would have to get my hair layered, which i didn't want to. BUT i said go fot it. I needed a change and she evened up the fringe. It took a bit of getting used to, the odd glance in the shop window. My own parents didn't recognise me as i walked towards them! jacket: Dangerfield, jeans: Rider, shoes: Tony Bianco

Robyn wanted her hair to be all blonde. She wanted an Agyness-Deyn do, however SHE wasn't allowed to get her whole head blonde, orders from the hairdresser.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have i told you lately that i love you?

I LOVE MY SISTER. was playing a bit of dress ups in my sisters new clothes today. expensive dress ups mind you, but i have found that my new hobby is selecting new outfits to outings that won't exist until september 6 when i turn 18....

sunnies: Sportsgirl, hat: Mimco, jacket: Top Shop, top: Target, jeans: Lee, shoes: Wittner

The only items of clothing here that are my own are my shoes, underwear, bra and sunnies. god i love my sister....I absolutely LOVE this jacket. It arrives a few weeks ago and she was going to SEND IT BACK because they sent her a 10 not an 8 but i persuaded her to keep it. and 8 would not have fitted my manly swimming shoulders.
The jeans are awesome, we spotted them a few months ago in General Pants. They're shiny and smooth and have zips at the ankle. The top is probably the cheapest thing im wearing. i belive it was $15 for Target. even my sunnies were more expensive...

anyone for billiards?

my family has found a new infatuation for the RACV club and i have to be with them on that one. I mean not only do they have the best fries ever but they have a room with 8 full-sized pool tables. and the interior is really classic. so the other night dad calls us all into the city for a game of pool. i thought it was for dinner so i got into a bit of a huff for dressing up a little to play pool. i got some fries. it was all okay.
tee: (unknown), dress: Forever New, cardigan: Country Road, shoes: Tony Bianco, necklace: (unknown)

i love finding bargains at op shops...

not long ago i went to Creswick (an hour and a half out of melbourne) to chillax with some friends in an internet-free and drama-free zone. we watched about 20 movies and put on about 20 kilos. we also went to this MASSIVE antique shop where people rent stalls and put their own stuff up for sale with other people managing the stalls as a whole.
So i was intent on finding my "vintage" bargain in the store and happened to stumble over two. YAY ME.
i bought a leather Oroton bag made in italy for $45 and a vintage 50s skirt for $50.
cardigan: (unknown), tee: Bonds, skirt: vintage, sneakers: Converse, bag: Oroton

bit of a hobo-come-fifties look. turns out i wore this outfit to go see Transformers. yes, i love sci-fi and cars, so this should have been my dream come true, but i ended up with a sore butt and sore self-esteem for having to watch megan fox for 2.5 hours.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fink Funk

I went to see Ross Noble last night at the Hisense Arena. From my point of view he has become a sort of chubby, so-so comedian. Thought i'd do one better than just a jeans and tee because we went to the RACV club for dinner. OMG THEY HAVE THE BEST FRIES EVER.
dress: Supre, boots: Steve Madden, pendant: Diva

Sunday, June 21, 2009

There is Life Outside Your Apartment

So today i saw Avenue Q!! After all these years listening to the album of a musical i've never seen, getting addicted and singing about porn at school. Really.
As expected it was hilarious and brilliantly staged. My friend and i had 3 row seats near the middle.
As a matinee thought i'd go on the casual side:
sunnies: Ray Bans, scarf: Myer, tee: Threadless, cardigan: Country Road,
jeans: Sportsgirl, sneakers: Volleys, bag: Fossil

I haven't posted in a while so there are a lot of photos to put up! I went to a fairy 18th recently and was quite proud of my make-up (kudos to Robyn for doing it):

and AGES ago i went on a Hospitality excursion. I had to dress for a barista course AS WELL as a lunch at Fifteen, a semi fine-dining restaurant in the city.
scarf: Cotton On, singlet: Cotton On, cardigan: Country Road, skirt: Cue, boots: Steve Madden

ciao and i promise to post more often!

Shop 'till You Drop

I went on a shopping trip recently because i was DYING to get the Oxidise it Asia dress from FCUK. I also happened to fall upon some nice heels... Scarf - unknown, top - Cotton On, jacket - Fusion(Target), jeans - Sportsgirl, heels - Steve Madden

The results of the shopping trip: (excuse the retarded look on my face)

dress - FCUK, shoes - Wittner
Robyn also had a successful shopping trip and found a Decjuba top:

top: Decjuba, pants: Witchery

I wore my new outfit to two 18ths in one night, everything was really good EXCEPT my feet still haven't recovered. But it was worth it, the heels are awesome. My friend's mum (who also happens to be a chemistry teacher) told me a pretty cool trick for shoes:
To stretch the toe of the shoe put a small bag of wter in the front of the shoe and then into the freezer. Water MUST expand when frozen, and will stretch anything in its way. voila, comfy shoes.
I haven't tried it myself but it sounds like it should work. However, i'm a little hesitant with water these days, i had a bottle of water leak in my school bag onto the floorboards and because i left it there for a day or two the floorboards have warped! My dad is going to KILL me....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Anyone missing a pair of jocks?

The year 12 formal has been and gone...i found that it was a a little anti-climactic. You spend months building up to a single, glamourous night, (which it was, don't get me wrong) but it passes you by in a matter of hours. So the day of the formal is always a hectic one for a girl ESPECIALLY if she put her stupid little hand up for the after party.
My Day:
8:30am - nails

10am-12pm - cleaning the house and rearranging the furniture
12pm - hair

3.45pm - start to get ready
4.45pm - date arrives with parents
5.15pm - pre-drinks
6.00pm - limos
7.00pm - arrive at formal
11.30pm - leave formal
12.00am - after party

4.30 am - sleep....
and for some reason we woke up at 8....

so the outfit: dress - Alannah Hill, shoes - Alannah Hill
I love my Alannah Hill....i got best hair as well :P but ill have to show you a picture later. The formal was awesome, i couldn't have asked for a better date:

And the after party. i get to school and my, it's the talk of the town.

and yes, some guy managed to leave his little tight jocks on my lounge room floor.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sister Madly

So now enters the little sister. The little sister who frequently gets mistaken for the older sister.
That may sometimes have to do with the fact that i steal almost every item of clothing that she owns as she is the one with the full time job and i am the one with the full-time study (aka year 12)
So i'm giving this whole blog thing a go. I love my clothes and i make do with my part-time job wage and live-in full-time job sister who likes to shop a lot.
Recently, my school production was on and of course, on the last night there was an after party. Voila, my outift:Black T-Shirt - Jay Jays; Silver Jeans - French Connection; Red Pumps - Fetish; Heart Pendant - Sportsgirl

It was quite disappointing when i got to the party as every single light had been covered with red cellophane so the full glory of my (well robyns...)awesome jeans could not be appreciated :(
Although, I was one of the very few girls there not draped in a rag or strip of cloth which i was quite proud of :P
I bought a Country Road knit the other day, will put that up some other time
And this weekend is my Year 12 Formal!! I have the most amazing dress by my favourite designer so you'll just have to wait and see...


(hows that for a first blog??)