Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shop 'till You Drop

I went on a shopping trip recently because i was DYING to get the Oxidise it Asia dress from FCUK. I also happened to fall upon some nice heels... Scarf - unknown, top - Cotton On, jacket - Fusion(Target), jeans - Sportsgirl, heels - Steve Madden

The results of the shopping trip: (excuse the retarded look on my face)

dress - FCUK, shoes - Wittner
Robyn also had a successful shopping trip and found a Decjuba top:

top: Decjuba, pants: Witchery

I wore my new outfit to two 18ths in one night, everything was really good EXCEPT my feet still haven't recovered. But it was worth it, the heels are awesome. My friend's mum (who also happens to be a chemistry teacher) told me a pretty cool trick for shoes:
To stretch the toe of the shoe put a small bag of wter in the front of the shoe and then into the freezer. Water MUST expand when frozen, and will stretch anything in its way. voila, comfy shoes.
I haven't tried it myself but it sounds like it should work. However, i'm a little hesitant with water these days, i had a bottle of water leak in my school bag onto the floorboards and because i left it there for a day or two the floorboards have warped! My dad is going to KILL me....


Olly said...

your talents know no bounds. but don't worry, i once had TUNA leak in my school bag, first and last time i EVER brought it to school. even my calculator smelt.

i really quite liked your dress the other night btw, and i already raved about your shoes :P

wish me shopping luck today!

Ellie said...

Absolutely friggin gorgeous!! wowza to both of you. In the complete non-lesbian way!