Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Night Out

Yesterday night was Ellie's 18th. For once we got to enjoy a night out (well actually a night in) with just us girls and party the nigh away. I took advantage of the guy-free zone by wearing an extremely short dress, confident that i wouldn't catch any wondering eyes. I went for a 60s-mod look. Unfortunately the toll of having a party on friday, work on saturday then a party that night was that i was really pooped the whole evening. But i had my party hard moments and had fun taking ultimate jumping shots on the trampoline...
jacket: Jay Jays, dress: Fusion (Target), heels: Wittner
(i can't work out where my right foot went....)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No, you girls will never know how you make a boy feel

It has started. The overly productive parents of christmas and new years have thrust upon us the wrath of countless 18th birthday parties. For the next 10 weeks i have 12 18th birthday parties (including my own). A few weekends have 2 18ths! Everyone in my group is suffering from the annual birthday bankrupcy. Last night was James' 18th, my first party with the new hair, which i was very excited about. i had slept in braids overnight and wore them all day at school to 'curl' my hair. Tonight i have Ellie's 18th!dress: Basque, shoes: Wittner

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 New Dos

Robyn and i got new hair cuts today. I REALLY wanted a fringe, however, when i arrived at the hairdresser my hairdresser told me that i couldn't get one. Apparently i have uneven hair, it's thinner on the left so she said my fringe would look lopsided. She also said that i would have to get my hair layered, which i didn't want to. BUT i said go fot it. I needed a change and she evened up the fringe. It took a bit of getting used to, the odd glance in the shop window. My own parents didn't recognise me as i walked towards them! jacket: Dangerfield, jeans: Rider, shoes: Tony Bianco

Robyn wanted her hair to be all blonde. She wanted an Agyness-Deyn do, however SHE wasn't allowed to get her whole head blonde, orders from the hairdresser.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have i told you lately that i love you?

I LOVE MY SISTER. was playing a bit of dress ups in my sisters new clothes today. expensive dress ups mind you, but i have found that my new hobby is selecting new outfits to outings that won't exist until september 6 when i turn 18....

sunnies: Sportsgirl, hat: Mimco, jacket: Top Shop, top: Target, jeans: Lee, shoes: Wittner

The only items of clothing here that are my own are my shoes, underwear, bra and sunnies. god i love my sister....I absolutely LOVE this jacket. It arrives a few weeks ago and she was going to SEND IT BACK because they sent her a 10 not an 8 but i persuaded her to keep it. and 8 would not have fitted my manly swimming shoulders.
The jeans are awesome, we spotted them a few months ago in General Pants. They're shiny and smooth and have zips at the ankle. The top is probably the cheapest thing im wearing. i belive it was $15 for Target. even my sunnies were more expensive...

anyone for billiards?

my family has found a new infatuation for the RACV club and i have to be with them on that one. I mean not only do they have the best fries ever but they have a room with 8 full-sized pool tables. and the interior is really classic. so the other night dad calls us all into the city for a game of pool. i thought it was for dinner so i got into a bit of a huff for dressing up a little to play pool. i got some fries. it was all okay.
tee: (unknown), dress: Forever New, cardigan: Country Road, shoes: Tony Bianco, necklace: (unknown)

i love finding bargains at op shops...

not long ago i went to Creswick (an hour and a half out of melbourne) to chillax with some friends in an internet-free and drama-free zone. we watched about 20 movies and put on about 20 kilos. we also went to this MASSIVE antique shop where people rent stalls and put their own stuff up for sale with other people managing the stalls as a whole.
So i was intent on finding my "vintage" bargain in the store and happened to stumble over two. YAY ME.
i bought a leather Oroton bag made in italy for $45 and a vintage 50s skirt for $50.
cardigan: (unknown), tee: Bonds, skirt: vintage, sneakers: Converse, bag: Oroton

bit of a hobo-come-fifties look. turns out i wore this outfit to go see Transformers. yes, i love sci-fi and cars, so this should have been my dream come true, but i ended up with a sore butt and sore self-esteem for having to watch megan fox for 2.5 hours.