Saturday, July 4, 2009

i love finding bargains at op shops...

not long ago i went to Creswick (an hour and a half out of melbourne) to chillax with some friends in an internet-free and drama-free zone. we watched about 20 movies and put on about 20 kilos. we also went to this MASSIVE antique shop where people rent stalls and put their own stuff up for sale with other people managing the stalls as a whole.
So i was intent on finding my "vintage" bargain in the store and happened to stumble over two. YAY ME.
i bought a leather Oroton bag made in italy for $45 and a vintage 50s skirt for $50.
cardigan: (unknown), tee: Bonds, skirt: vintage, sneakers: Converse, bag: Oroton

bit of a hobo-come-fifties look. turns out i wore this outfit to go see Transformers. yes, i love sci-fi and cars, so this should have been my dream come true, but i ended up with a sore butt and sore self-esteem for having to watch megan fox for 2.5 hours.


Olly said...

i don't have anything to say here but i wanted to leave a comment on all your new entries :P

i love the bag :)

Ellie said...

you look just swell ;)