Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ultimate Party Frock

It started off with me wanting a black tulle skirt, nice and puffy and not too pricey. but the closest thing i found was $200+! So, i set my heart on making my own, and to my surprise, it took me an hour and cost me only $16.50 and it is PERFECT. Chance would have it, my dad bought a really beautiful necklace for my mum, which i was given permission to wear before her. A week before Lucy and Alice's 18th, i had planned my ultimate party outfit. and voila:
leotard: Bloch, skirt: ME!, bolero: Review, shoes: Steve Madden

The necklace:

I had to wear a skirt underneath coz it was a bit see-through and i was crossing my fingers that i wouldn't have to go to the bathroom the whole night because i was wearing a leotard! I got compliments on my outift the whole night, and minus the necklace, its one of the cheapest ones in my closet!


Olly said...

you sexy beast you.
.... can i hire you to make me one? haha

lisa + cathy said...

WOOWOW great skirt! :D
btw, i was instantly attracted to ur blog cause of the name HAHAH
perfectly understanding

Tara said...

I love it! Great outfit :D

em said...

the skirt was AMAZING. you can make me one now...

neversmileatacrocodile said...

Wow, that's one gorgeous skirt! I'm so jealous of your sewing abilities!!!! Was it hard to make?And that necklace!!! Your Dad has pretty awesome taste! Btw, found your blog via VF, I remember reading it a while back when your sis was on it!!!

xxx Deb

kathryn_26 said...

im not that good a sewer really. i bought tulle and elastic for the waistband, then i folded the tulle in half and roughly sewed the width of the elastic along the folded edge. then i measured the elastic to my waist size, cut then attached one end to a ruler. I filed the ruler through my tulle and voila. i made a skirt. it bunched well enough and the tulle is stiff enough that i didnt have to sew the ends together.
it was easier doing it this way (hope that made sense btw) rather than sewing the tulle ot the elastic otherwise you'd have to stretch the elastic as you sewed and it just seemed to complicated. im yet to venture into other pieces but im thinking about it...
hope this helped!