Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of mice and women

Hello lovelies,

I had my last day at BMW yesterday... :( I'm sad to leave there but it just won't work for uni. They said I can come back any time though and they'll find a job for me...That's pretty cool! They also gave me an X6...ok so it was a model of an X6 but anyway...

Here's what I wore on my last day:

Blouse: Quirky Circus; Skirt: Jay Jays; Vest: Dotti; Shoes: Sportsgirl.

Close up of the shoes:

I heart them so much. I'm considering getting them in tan as well.

And here are my two adorable little guy mice, Leopold and Magnus:

They're having a nap in their new mouse palace.

I was going to write more but I have a splitting's the heat! Tonight I'm going to the Blue Tile Lounge to see my friend Penelope play with her awesome disco band Knight at the Discotheque, then tomorrow I'm life modelling for a arty of me!

- Robyn


Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

Okay I nearly had a heart attack when you said they gave you an X6.
If only huh!

Haha your mice are actually cute!!

AgnesTea said...

I adore your shoes.
Quick question, why do you blog? What do you hope to gain from it? Who is your audience?
Of course, you don't have to answer. Thanks for you time anyway.

Unknown said...

Hi Agnes,


The reason why I blogg(ed) is (was) to show people that just because you can't spend a lot of money on clothes doesn't mean you can't still pull together some cool looks. Not sure what I intended to gain from it, and my audience I suppose were people in the same sort of situation as myself, liking high fashion but not having the budget for it. Sadly I've let the blog lapse (again) as I just don't have the time anymore. Hope this helps.