Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The summer wind came blowing in

How hot has it been in Melbourne this week!?!?!? I am so glad that it's my last week in the restaurant, the thought of spending another sweltering summer in there with the old fans and the barely functioning a/c and being surrounded by motors and coffee machines and dishwashers generating heat behind the bar doesn't bear thinking about.

Singlet - Cotton On; Skirt - Overseas; Cardigan - Overseas; Necklace - Gift.

Dress - er....Temt. Or Valley Girl.

I've only got two shifts left at the restaurant, and have been slowly saying goodbye to all my regulars. Some of them I have to admit I'm glad I won't be serving again, but I'm sad to say goodbye to others as I've known them for more than three years now. I still got asked whether I was new yesterday though...some things never change.

- Robyn


Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
Hope the new job works out well for you. Looking forward to seeing your work outfits.
I love both outfits in this post...difficult to decide which I like better. Love the denim skirt and the little green top, and I really like the sundress too. :) That haircut really suits you. Can't wait to get my Springvale haircut when i come over!


Lisbeth said...

woo hoo! robyn looks hot! hahah loving the little green cardi number, look at that stomach (i am so jealous)

the hair is loking awesome, just got mine done and it took 2 weeks to train it in for a start! (the fringe... omg i have made my own contribution to the ozone trying to get THAT to sit!!!!) now i'm working my way front to back (i got a bob, my hair thinks it's a messy cut and it refuses to sit straight!!)

xx loving the summer weather. loving you back on your blog!

Miss Karen said...

You look great in both your outfits! I haven't felt the heat so much because I've been freezing my arse off at work :(

And hooray for only two more shift! Are you heading into the corporate world and working for the Man now?

Brendan Parsons said...

You dressed as the Serra Leone flag! Excellent. I want you to dress as the Nepalese flag next.

Marina said...

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peaitlreiecnia said...

i just found your blog because I though the name was interesting

but the rest is quite fun too. i can understand about the restaurant thing, this will hopefully be my last summer working there ever before i go off to uni next year

and i like your hair, i need to get mine cut soon....

and because your blog is so excellent, i've decided to link you


esme and the lane way said...

Cute dress! It's a lot cooler now, though – still it's a good thing! :D

aikakone said...

Loving the green top!

Zoƫ said...

love the green cardi! It's so cute