Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Corporate Drone

I'm really sorry, I was going to post my outfit for work today but forgot and got changed so I could learn the lyrics for 'Bye Bye Blackbird' and eat some dinner before rehearsal tonight. Why is it that everything in my life seems to happen at once? Started my new job yesterday, have performances this Friday, next Tuesday and next Sunday, Brendan's moving this weekend and a friend's 21st is also on Friday. My schedule the past two days has been something like this:

730-8:15 band rehearsal at school
9:00-5:20 work
8:00-10:00 drinks with ex-workmates (from the restaurant)

7:30-8:15 band rehearsal at school
9:00-5:20 work
7:00-9:00 band rehearsal with the Sisters of Sass

I haven't even had time to watch Top Gear Australia yet...it's a travesty.

- Robyn


Jani said...

Hey CSW :) I'm a Kiwi in NZ and was wondering if I could put you on my blog roll? If you like my style, I'd be happy if you could put me on yours ^^

Thanks xx

esme and the lane way said...

hehe I know exactly what you mean. I'm four days in to my new job and I'm exhausted! How did I used to do all this?!!!! Good luck with it all!

Robyn said...

Jani - I'd love to swap links! Lucky you living in NZ, what a gorgeous country.

Esme - look at us bloggers with our new jobs! one week in and I guess I'm settling in although we're still in training - I did enjoy my first saturday night off though, it was very relaxing. Good luck to you too!

Cheryl said...

Where are you Chain Store Whore?