Monday, August 25, 2008

Bring on spring+Rubi shoes

Sorry for the non-updating of internet has been down at home for a few days, so I'm using my boyfriend's computer (he asked me if that was the only reason I came over tonight...and now that we have a Foxtel IQ at home, I pretty much have to say yes XD). I went shopping at Chadstone with Liz on Saturday (check out her blog surface layers on my favourite blogs list) and picked up some awesome stuff :D Hooray for Target, is all I can say! They had some adorable clothing. I'm also wearing my new red shoes from Rubi shoes - their ballet flats are 2 pairs for $20! I got silver ones too. I had actually been wearing a gorgeous pair of jewelled ballet flats from Witchery, but I'm still stretching them out and they were mangling my little toes.

Top - Dotti; Skirt - Topshop; Vest - Sportsgirl; Shoes - Rubi; Bag - Fossil.

I didn't actually buy *that* much from Target, but stashed my jacket, cardigan and scarf in there. Now I just have to wait for warmer weather so I can wear my new stuff :D

- Robyn

1 comment:

sydneydoll said...

those shoes are really nice
and the denim vest
= super chic.

50s dresses are great - your formal dress would have been wonderful.