Friday, October 31, 2008


My family is nothing if not a caring and sharing bunch of people, and the cold my brother so thoughtfully gave to me for my birthday is just the gift that keeps on giving. After karaoke on Saturday night, playing my old high school's speech night on Monday night and playing with the Sisters of Sass on Tuesday night, I pretty much crashed and burned at work on Wednesday, so it was off to the doctors for antibiotics and a blood test (why? I have no idea, but I've had 20 or so by now so one more hardly matters) and I've basically been grounded ever since. I'm admittedly starting to feel better with all this forced rest, and my voice is slowly coming back, although it is terribly frustrating not being able to shout upstairs or indeed hold a decent conversation. Unsurprisingly, I've kind of been living in pyjamas for the last few days, but do have a video for you to enjoy in the meantime, from Tuesday's performance.

- Robyn

PS I have just found out that the lovely Connie, who started the Sisters of Sass, has just started a new blog, The Life of a Lonely Jazz Singer. Connie is definitely one stylin' lady so I highly recommend you check out her blog.

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Miss Karen said...

Oh I thoroughly enjoyed that youtube video - you're all sassy ladies indeed!

I hope that cold doesn't bother you for too much longer. Being sick is the worst :(