Monday, October 27, 2008

Karaoke one, my voice nil.

Despite the cold which I am finally battling, I somehow made it to Brendan's and my birthday drinks/karaoke on Saturday night, buoyed by the miracle that is 12 hour Sudafed. While this meant that I could not take any great advantage of Charlton's wondrously cheap happy hour, it also meant that I was well enough to belt out a couple of karaoke numbers. I have a feeling though that belting out Loveshack was my vocal undoing, as two days later I'm still struggling to sound like a normal human being, and have in the meantime developed rather a nasty cough. It was worth it though.

Top - my sister's wardrobe; skirt - American Apparel; shoes - Rubi; bag - Roxy; necklace - birthday gift from Brendan.

Saturday was the debut of my fantastic fluoro yellow skirt, and I'm now glad I went with the bright yellow instead of the mid blue I was going to get instead. The necklace is actually a piece of circuit board, and has gotten comments from customers at work and strangers on the train. For all Brendan's faults (of which there are few), he has amazing taste in jewellery. It's also his birthday today, but I don't get to see him because I'm playing at my old high school's presentation night tonight.

- Robyn


Tara said...

GREAT skirt! And that necklace is indeed awesome, lucky you!

Miss Karen said...

You looked great! I love the skirt it's perfect :)

That's ok you didn't go to Brussels - next time!

A dreamer said...

wow i love the brights skirt! and i think i have your hair now... oh and i'm not sure if i ever mentioned this.. the article you wrote on guitar hero is now published. it was published ages ago but i'm not sure if i told you.

WendyB said...

I LOVE the skirt in that color!

fashionfake said...

mmmm.. highlighter skirt *drools*

Yu said...

great skirt, it really suits you.