Friday, October 3, 2008

Two Kinds of Right

Woohoo! My internet connection is finally working again (I think) so hello and sorry for not updating or reading many blogs this week, I'm back with a vengeance now! Just a quick one with Sunday's and today's outfits.

Sunday we went to St Kilda (again) to meet up with some friends visiting from Auckland. Ate at Big Mouth, great food and slow service because of a busy day but they shouted us coffees so we didn't mind. Their BLT is ah-sum, as was Brendan's pumpkin and coconut soup, which I ended up finishing (I was kinda hungry). We tried a walk on the beach but it was terribly windy.

Dress - some surf shop; Jacket - Op Shop; Boots - Nine West

Today mum and I finally went to see the Art Deco exhibition at the NGV before it closes on Sunday. There were some beautiful pieces of art, furniture, cars and clothing - my favourite was a cream beaded dress which had a very clever effect to make the fabric look like it was folded in pleats. The weather started out nice but it's all grey and rainy now so I changed about four times before leaving the house.

Skirt - my sister's; Shirt - Jay Jays; Cardigan - Target; Shoes - Rubi.

Also, I've been meaning to post this but haven't been able to because of my dodgy connection, but the fabulous Laura from Jezzabelle's Women's Clothing Store has created a special discount coupon for all you bloggy blog readers. Use the code 'Chainstorewhore' to get a 10% discount - this also applies to sale items. There is some great stuff in the store and I am particularly loving this minidress from VOOM by Joy Han:

Cute, right? If I had the money to go to the races this year I'd wear that with ballet flats and gloves and a little headpiece. If only.

- Robyn

PS Two Kinds of Right is a Grates song - I'm seeing them next Friday! Yay! Anyone else going to that gig?


Tara said...

I LOVE the Grates! They were signing CDs at Splendour this year and they were all so lovely. I thought that was you in the yellow VOOM dress for a second! Haha.

cotton candy said...

OH!! if only it was windy over here in sydney, it's scorching hot and boy, do i love your denim jacket - it's the right shade of blue. and i lvoe your haircut too!!!

MR style said...

your blog is truly interestin !!! i love it

Miss Karen said...

That Voom dress is absolutely divine - I'm checking out the link as we speak!

PS. You make me super jealous with your denim jacket.

Miss_Red said...

Love the VOOM dress, the pattern is so pretty and the colours would look great for the races!
Wasn't the Art Deco exhibition great, I fell in love with so many pieces there...too bad it gets so crowded you can hover over anything for too long!

yiqin; said...

You have really nice jackets! You wear then denim one really well! :)

Miss_Corrine said...

Oooooh, your outfits are spectacular! :) You look lovely.

A dreamer said...

i love your sparkly skirt- your cardi looks sparkly too but that's just polka dots right? that dress is soo cute... and i want the models hair !