Saturday, September 27, 2008


My internet connection has been super dodgy lately...everything's taking forever to load. I haven't been able to read many blogs because photos aren't appearing for me...sigh. I miss my bloggy goodness! Anyway here's what's been happening sartorially for my sister and I the last couple of amazingly warm days in Melbourne.

Dress, shoes and vest - Sportsgirl; sunnies - Dotti. Bad outfit choice - it was pretty windy and I walked around holding onto my skirt all day.

Dress - some surf shop; Top - Cotton On; Shoes - Converse

Yesterday Kat and I headed into the city to meet a friend (hi Jess if you're reading this) and score some bargains at the sales. I got a pretty awesome pair of purple faux snakeskin pumps from Myer for $17, and 2 check shirts from Jay Jays for $25...lucky I waited so long to get them. We also went into the magnificence which is the new Sportsgirl store on Bourke St. I can imagine injuring my already dying bank account there once I start working more hours, and had to tear myself away from a sparkly Minty Meets Munt miniskirt.

Shorts - Target; T-shirt - Billabong; Shoes - Big W

Kat likes to jump, even after eating lunch.

Shorts - Sportsgirl; T-shirt - Target; Shoes - Converse.

Today I took my grandmother to lunch in Springvale for enormous bowls of Vietnamese Pho so dressed down a bit...the AFL Grand Final's just started and apparently we're watching it. I feel like a country music star, especially in my Wranglers, which are lovely and soft and dangerously close to developing a hole in the crotch after three years of wear and tear....sob.

Jeans - Wrangler; Singlet - Cotton On; Shirt - Jay Jays; Sunnies - Target; Guitar (AKA my pride and joy) - Maton.

- Robyn


Miss Karen said...

You and your sister look so fantastic! And I love your guitar strap. My dad just bought a new electric guitar and our pupy chewed the strap hehe he's scared of the sound it makes too!

Skye said...

You look like you're having so much fun. I love the way you make your chain store buys look just like you!

Gem said...

aww, i hate it when favourite items of clothing get too worn.

esme and the lane way said...

You look great! I especially love the yellow dress, hopefully this crazy wind will go away soon :) Love the country star and guitar, too.

Rosa said...

Ur blogs adorable I love it...I kinda want to be you when I grow up! :-) hehe jk but u r lovely! xxxxx

A dreamer said...

You and your sister have the cutest dresses on!

sweet of you to take your grandma to eat pho...but i reckon the BESTEST pho is in footscray..

Jenn said...

I love the first photo! Great style!

Robyn said...

Miss Karen - thanks! I have a story with that strap, I saw Tim Finn using one and asked him via myspace where he got it, and had to order it in from NZ. I got it signed the next time I saw him too :)

Skye - Having fun is what it's all about, and thanks!

Gem - it sucks doesn't it? I inspected the seam which is fraying and it looks like it hasn't worn quite through yet but I'm guessing it's only a matter of months.

Esme - The wind is a pain! I can't wear all my floaty dresses and skirts. Country music star was fun, I was playing along with Powderfinger on the telly, although they sounded a bit more rock.

Rosa - LOL that's the first time anyone's ever said that to me, and thanks :)

a dreamer - I should try the pho in Footscray! My grandmother lives in Springvale though so it's much easier to go there :)

Jenn - thanks!