Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photos from Thursday night

Hmm. I forgot to upload photos yesterday, when we went to Ballarat, and now I'm in bed on my mac and my legs are killin me from work so they'll just have to wait. I do however have a couple of photos from Thursday's gig - just to prove it really did happen and that I'm not (completely) insane. I didn't bring my own camera (typical, the one time I don't bother bringing it!) so only had my phone, and hence have one photo.

Ness, most awesome bassist ever :D

the next couple were taken by my friend Steve on his phone (thanks Steve, although I know you won't read this!):

I think Kevin is laughing at my singing.

I was also extremely lucky to be standing next to Phoebe Hodgson, who runs Jebediah's Myspace and who took the following excellent photos:

Some tasty harmonising on the last lines (well, I hope it was tasty. I couldn't actually hear myself). Also, Kevin is much taller than I expected. His mic was above my head height, and Vanessa had to come over and say 'put your mic down a bit, she's short!' I was on the balls of my feet anyway...I'm not even that I? *sigh*

- Robyn


Miss Karen said...

oh wow I love these pics - you look so cool :D And I didn't think Kevin was that tall either - I always assumed he was a short little weed. Obviously not hehe.

Tara said...

yaaaaaaay how exciting i'm so jealous! i always assumed kevin was short too... weird.

Robyn said...

lol isn't it funny how everyone expects him to be friend said the same thing! I think it's his personality...he's all cute and charming...tall people don't act like that. I think.