Friday, September 12, 2008

This is for all those days that I don't update

Today was actually gorgeous weather, but terribly windy and I had to go pick up a bathroom mirror for my boyfriend from the glass shop (twice, because the first time I went they said it wasn't ready. GRR. You say it's ready for Friday, it should be ready for Friday. So I had to go back) and do housework and play guitar, so wore this:

Jeans - Sportsgirl; T-shirt - The Disney Store in NYC; Shoes - Converse. (I look grumpy because I'd just got back from the glass shop for the first time.)

So pretty much any day that I don't update, I'm wearing a version of this outfit. Give me some groupies and I'm all set :)

- Robyn


Y said...

PS Just letting you know that I've linked you on my 'new' blog ha ha


Yu said...

cool blog, I'm "i heart indies" from the vogue forums "what are you wearing today" outfit thread.


Miss Karen said...

That's still a pretty cool outfit! But grr to the glass people!