Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Yesterday in Melbourne was amazing! It was 25 degrees with just the right temperature breeze, and sunny and completely perfect. And of course, I was stuck in the bloody restaurant covering for someone. sigh. At least it meant I had last night off (which is not a hugely common occurence) so me and the boy headed into the city for dinner, and found this tiny little Japanese place on Corrs lane where we stuffed ourselves (well not really) with gyoza, sushi and daifuku with ice cream. We met up with a friend and on such a mild night the best place to be was outside James Squire Brewhouse with pints (for the boys) and pots (for me) of some fine beer. Like...Golden Ale or something (I can't remember now). Thanks to my responsible boyfriend, I had Panadol and water before bed and woke up with only a bit of a hangover to come home and make brownies :)

Hope the rain stays away today!

Skirt - Jay Jays; Top - mum's; Jacket - Op Shop; Bag - Rip Curl; Necklace - Kookai; Shoes - Rubi.

Flinders Street Station, 12:03 am (we're old and like to get home early).

And Sushi modelling a new season scarf from Sportsgirl:

I think she pretty much has the blue steel look down pat.

- Robyn


Tara said...

cute outfit! i love the skirt!

Miss Karen said...

It was the best weather yesterday! Your outfit is so lovely, I love your denim jacket! I must check out this sushi place too :D

Y said...

Oh I miss Melbourne!!

I wanted to say this for a while now - I like your hair it really suits you

Anonymous said...

Yip, Blue steel all the way!! :):)

Kirby said...

what a little cutie you pup is

kathryn_26 said...