Friday, September 5, 2008


(please excuse the language in this post. I'm incredibly excited right now, for reasons which will become clear).


Um. So. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but tonight I went to see Jebediah, who were my first ever real favourite band. Their second album Of Someday Shambles was the first CD I ever bought. I was also completely inspired by Vanessa, their bassist, who wasn't trendy or anything like the girls at my school, and yet completely cool because she didn't care what other people thought (I was something of an outsider at school - mainly through dorkiness and geekiness). In year 11 I used my formal dress money to buy a bass guitar and amp (and spent $20 on my formal dress in an op shop) then proceeded to learn as many Jebediah bass lines as possible. I only got to see them once, at Big Day Out 2003, so tonight was the first time I got to see them play a full gig, and OMG. They are SO GOOD live! SO GOOD!!!! HEAPS GOOD!!!!!!!

I was already in died and gone to heaven mode with a big dorky grin on my face, midway through the set, when Kevin (singer/guitarist) said 'we're going to play a really old one now...and if you think you can sing one of our songs from 1997 without knowing what it is, put your hand up.' I was right in front of the stage and unthinkingly put my hand up, thinking he'd pick someone else, and then he looked at me and said 'Get up on stage!' and suddenly I found myself climbing up on stage...and looking out and just seeing a sea of faces (600 is apparently the capacity and tonight was sold out). Kevin said 'we're doing Harpoon' and introduced me to the biggest load of people I have ever had to face EVER while I quietly shat myself. It was like karaoke gone completely and utterly mad. Ever since I was 13 I'd harboured dreams of playing bass with Jebediah (and marrying Chris, the guitarist, which I'm still working on) and suddenly I was standing next to Kevin as he started playing Harpoon...can anyone say 'holy shit holy shit when will I wake up'?

Anyway. I completely forgot the words to the second verse and was staring desperately at a girl in the crowd trying to read her lips, but apparently everyone was yelling 'go Robyn!' etc which I couldn't hear because I was too busy having a panic attack whilst surrounded by Jebediah. I actually kinda enjoyed myself from the bridge onwards - I mean holy SHIT! I'm singing with JEBEDIAH!!!!! And Kevin was grinning at me and making guitar rock god poses at me and Vanessa was smiling away and apparently I sang in tune and Kevin and I did the two people singing in one mic thing and then it ended and Vanessa, my all time hero and saviour of my teenage years gave me a beer and I got off stage and collapsed in a puddle of panicked goo. It was a seriously cool experience, although the rest of the set I was trying hard not to pass out (my body does not react well to extreme stress and anxiety).

And the best bit was calling my little sister afterwards. I had called her earlier for Leaving Home and my exact words were 'I was going to call you for Harpoon but I couldn't because I was FUCKING ON STAGE SINGING IT WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

So yeah. Now I have to calm down because I'm up at 8 tomorrow, but my outfit:

Jeans - Sportsgirl; T-shirt - Bonds; Jacket - Jay Jays; Scarf - Vintage; Shoes - Big W.

Sorry for the long, long, long post. I hope you understand.

- Robyn


aikakone said...

I love the shoes. Was this pose of awesome (and almost like Charlie's Angels) before or after the concert? I'm suspecting before, but you could be getting into your rock god poses, too.

Miss Karen said...

That's so freaking cool!!!! I know if I had to go onstage to sing a song with any band I'd totally forget the words - especially if I've had a few beers hehe I start making up my own lyrics :D I love your outfit also :D

Fashion Hayley said...

Wopw that's so coool. I used to love Jebediah as a teen too. I saw them live a few times, they always had the craziest mosh pit (are mosh pits still around? I don't know anymore, I'm so old). So cool that you got to sing with them, woah crazy.

Cathryn said...

That's so awesome!! Lol, I'm not really a fan of Jebediah but I'm heaps excited for you anyway. Also, love your blog!

Robyn said...

Aika - would you believe it was after? I was all excited and had forgotten to take a photo before I left.

Miss Karen - Thanks! :D I was frekaing out about forgetting the words as I actually hadn't listened to Harpoon (or any Jebediah really) for a couple of years, but I remembered most of the words. I also wasn't drinking (until Ness gave me a beer) because I had driven and am still on my Ps - my friend had to drive us home:)

Hayley - Yeah, there were people moshing quite a bit at the end. I was surprised there wasn't really a barrier between us and the stage because it was quite dangerous for the band when some person would land on the stage on top of them, and because the stage came up to mid thigh on us we all thought our legs were going to be severed.

Cathryn - thanks! Glad you like it :)

Anonymous said...

HA! so cool, such a cool story, I feel your excitment!

Imelda Matt said...

FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!! So you'll have to forgive me for the foul language, but....FUCK!!!!

The best part was that I hit play on the top video without knowing what it was and started scrolling down and then hit this post. So I was totally in the moment (minus the 600 plus punters) with you.

Have you claimed down yet?

Robyn said...

LOL Matt that really is reliving it then :D I pretty much had calmed down, but reading your comment made me all excited again :)