Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yesterday's outfits

Sorry for not updating for a little while, I couldn't find my camera. And completely off topic, but the new iTunes is AWESOME. That Genius playlist thing - Genius! Anyway. My little sister Kat had a partay to go to last night where they decided to get all glammed up (I guess when you're underage this is meant to be fun) which for me meant an hour or so of hair and makeup to achieve the 50s glam look she wanted.

Dress - Stella; Shoes - Betts; Shoobits - a gift from the fabulous Fashion Hayley.

I had optimistically dressed for a warm day which turned into rather a cool evening. Oh and I had my hair cut on Thursday. I didn't really know what I wanted so I just told my hairdresser to go for it, and came out with a rather modish bob - I feel like I'm channeling Miss Karen :)

Dress - a market in Malaysia; Belt - Vintage; Jacket - Op Shop; Shoes - Rubi.

- Robyn


Skye said...

Your sister looks very cute in her glammed up gear - but I LOVE your hair like that. cute patoot!

A dreamer said...

theres no harm in channeling karen's hair (i love it too).
I wish my hair was as sleek & shiny as yours.

music column thingy- I'm not needing too many words. 300 is plenty. You can write about your total fave band at the moment or your hard life as a muso etc. or even do a CD review.
Go ahead and email me if you have any problems whatsoever-

and due date is the 27th or september...

A dreamer said...

of september*

Tara said...

CUTE HAIR! i have been thinking of getting a bob for a while, you may have just inspired me to go for it!

yiqin; said...

Ohmy. The print & shape of the first dress is so pretty! Especially wit the sash! Awesome.

Miss Karen said...

Your sister looks gorgeous, as do you my dear. I love this haircut on you too, I think I was chanelling a grown out Mary Quant hehe.

And I have so much denim jacket envy right now! I can't find a decent one anywhere.

Alicia said...

fabulous haircut! it really suits you perfectly.