Monday, September 1, 2008

two sides to every story

Hope y'all had a good weekend...melbournians how bad has the weather been!? Spring my arse, today was wet and horrible. My wife Georgie had her 24th on the weekend and I wore an optimistically warm outfit:

T-shirt - Bonds; Skirt - My sister's; Necklace - also my sister's; Shoes - Rubi.

I ended up adding a cardigan, scarf and leather jacket for the cold, and some lazy rock and roll 'yes I've been dragged through a bush backwards, what are you going to do about it' makeup to match my hair of the same name:

I borrowed Georgie's MAC eyeshadow in Black Tied for this and just packed it on, too easy. Fluffy eyelashes courtesy of mum's Diorshow Waterproof mascara (I do my makeup in the same bathroom as her and haven't bought mascara for three years now), Stila lipstick in Kelly. I also swear by my Shiseido makeup stick in control colour (which is a very pale green) to take down the red in my cheeks and even out skin tone - I don't wear blush or foundation (mainly because my foundation which I bought two months ago is already too dark).

Tonight we went to the ballet to see Interplay, three new contemporary works, so I had to be a little more...shall we say...presentable. I think I channeled my inner geek/librarian here, all I needed were some glasses. The cardigan was a find from my mum's wardrobe cleanout - it's all wool and lovely and warm, and she stopped wearing it after shrinking it in the wash.

Cardigan - Laura Ashley; Skirt - Esprit; Silk Scarf - Mum's.

I was wearing those silver ballet flats again but it was wet outside and I didn't wear them in. When exactly does spring start again?

- Robyn


Tara said...

i love these outfits! the second one is particularly cute, i love the silk scarf!

Miss Karen said...

Wow what cool outfits, The Laura Ashley cardigan was an awesome find!

Tell me about the weather! It's horrible, I think we always get this ugly windy rainy days before it finally heats up in like NOVEMBER bah anyway. I love your make up here too - the stila lipstick looks amazing :D

Lisbeth said...

love the librarian! haha i have to say i'm a sucker for this somewhat preppy look. totally jealous, i wanted to see that ballet! i never have anyone to go to the ballet with and i doubt i could drag steve hahaha

loving the grey skirt, so absolutely cute! looking for something similar myself that i can blend somewhere between work and play! and i've been playing with my scarves in much the same way. i want a cute little yellow cardi!

can't wait for some warm weather!

Annie said...

Love your hair!

Blogette said...

Oh my gosh I love the bottom outfit so much!! Looks adorable!

Robyn said...

Tara - Thanks! I needed something to cover the top of the cardigan, which I couldn't button, and remembered that scarf from my year 12 formal.

Miss Karen - The weather is pretty horrible isn't it...I've bought all this nice spring stuff and can't wear it! And thanks about the makeup, to get a compliment from you I must be doing something right! :)

Liz - Thanks :D I don't do preppy very often so it's fun.

Annie and Blogette - Thanks, you guys are too kind!

Anonymous said...

My 2 favourite outfits so far in the one post. Very nie :)