Thursday, September 11, 2008

Like a Harpoon in my heart

I've been trying to find a video of last Thursday, but to no avail, so here is my solo acoustic version of what transpired at the Jebs gig. Try to imagine a full band, and to ignore that one bung chord in the bridge.

Also, below is (part of) the reason this blog is called Chain Store Whore and not Designer Label Diva. Being a musician is an expensive hobby. It's not even my guitar either, I borrowed it from my old high school, but I have three others, and one big mofo amp in the other room.

- Robyn


Kirby said...

One of my fav songs, you did it justice ;)

Miss Karen said...

Wow you've brought back so many memories of my adolescence. You did a great job there :D

Y said...


I wouldn't have the guts to post a video of myself doing something like that (although I secretly wish I could be in a rock band - it's my secret dream)!

Imelda Matt said...

Brilliant...and I'm surprised that you can even afford chain with the cost of music equipment!