Monday, September 15, 2008

A party and the ballet.

On Sunday the lovely Fashion Hayley held a spring fashion week party at her amazingly decorated apartment. I was admittedly slightly nervous to be meeting such stylish bloggers but had a wonderful time talking about everything and eating delicious food that everyone brought, playing pin the pussy bow on the blouse (which was very funny!) and playing with Hayley's adorable dog Hachiko. Hayley was the perfect hostess so many thanks to her for hosting such a great event.

L-R: Super Kawaii Mama, Lady Melbourne, me, Fashion Hayley, Esme And The Laneway, Aus Style.

Phew! That was a lot of HTML. The dress code was our interpretation of spring trends, so I wore high waisted denim shorts belted with a red plaited leather belt and a floral blouse from Target, my trusty green Jay Jays cardigan and silver ballet flats (I forgot to take a proper outfit photo, sorry!).

Lady Melbourne and Hachiko

Hayley pinning the pussy bow on the blouse

Super Kawaii Mama, colour coordinated even when blindfolded!

Hayley's gorgeous little papillon Hachiko

Tonight we went to the ballet to see Manon, last one of the season...always a slightly melancholy affair. I'd been dying to wear this dress ever since I bought it for $20 at a year tonight was finally the night! Sadly I didn't get to wear it with ballet flats because of the abysmal weather (gale force arctic winds for anyone lucky enough to not be in Melbourne today) so I ended up looking like a Pirate Madam.

Dress - Gail Sorronda for Target; Boots - Basque; Necklace - Mum's.

Yay for spinny big skirts!

My sister continued the theme of spinny big skirts with a skirt I bought from a while ago and haven't managed to wear - it hits mid calf and is terribly unflattering on me. I have to get it shortened.

Skirt -; Top - Cotton On; Jacket - Miss Shop.

Hmmm I just realied Kathryn is wearing all my clothes...

- Robyn


Tara said...

haha i know how weird it is when you realise your sister is wearing an outfit consisting entirely of things from your wardrobe!
i LOVE that dress, i can't believe it was $20! it looks great!

Blogette said...

Such a cute dress! Could be worse, my mum and I borrow each others clothes!
Everyone looks so cute at Hayley's party!

Skye said...

You look so good in that dress - it made me look like I was about 6 feet wide for some reason - I loved the little wings on the shoulders though.

I wish I could have been at that party! (and how cute is Hachiko - ridiculous!)

esme and the lane way said...

It was good to meet you at Hayley's lovely party, and you looked great!

I love your ballet outfit too, the dress is amazing. Who'd of thought Target?! The silver skirt is great, too. I hope you enjoyed Manon!

Fashion Hayley said...

Thanks so much for coming, it was so great to meet you. I love the dress you wore to the ballet, it is amazing, so glamorous.

Miss Karen said...

Aww you both look so cool! The dress looks magical on you. I've never been to the ballet before, I must go one day!

PorcelainBlonde said...

So sad I couldn't make it to the party...I was looking forward to meeting you - next time!

I have that GS for Target dress too! It's fun, isn't it, so swishy :)

And just how does SKM manage such co-ordination at all times!? Amazing :)

kirstie said...

wow, that dress was $20? jealous. i was living in the NT when the GSfT collection came out so unfortunately i wasn't able to get anything. sighhh.

A dreamer said...

hi nice meeting you over the weekend!
i love your dress. hooray for target and designer colabs.

also, are you pretty savvy about music? Because I sorta got the impression when i met you that you were. When I got I home, it struck me that I needed a music columnist for my zine. and so... would you like to write something? My other music writer's gone awol.

Robyn said...

wow so many comments! Now is probably not the best time to reply to everyone as I've been playing guitar for a couple of hours and my brain is fried...
Tara - I usually don't realise she's wearing all my clothes for ages, as we tend to swap and change quite a bit :) luckily she can't wear most of my shoes though...

Thanks Bloggette, Skye, Esme and Hayley! It's amazing the things you can get from Target. I love the sleeves too although it makes it hard to put something over the top.

Miss K - You should definitely try and catch a ballet next season! I think the AB will be announcing their program for 2009 pretty soon.

Porcelainblonde - I really wanted to meet you too! Hopefully we'll run into each other soon. I'm definitely going to try and wear the dress more often, it was so lovely to wear. I have a couple of performances coming up which require formal performance black, so that dress would work.

Kirstie - I'm sorry you didn't get any of the GSfT collection :( I didn't actually see it until it was all on sale. Have you tried eBay?

a dreamer - I'm intrigued by this music column! What sort of stuff would you want me to write about? I guess I'm musically savvy in that I play a lot of music, attend gigs and really love it, but have to admit that this year at least I'm not so up to date with all the new bands...the newest stuff I'm into is probably Kate Miller Heidke and Gotye...since I joined a big band I've spent a lot of spare time listening to jazz!

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