Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The glittery, glam life of a 'musician'

Really quick one, as I feel like I haven't slept for days and I'm working tomorrow. The Sisters of Sass played Dizzy's tonight, I think we played better tonight than last time, although I'm still yet to solo. Connie is sadly ill so we had a replacement singer, and I also didn't get my agent 99 dress, so wore this one instead...and had to be very careful to not bend over or make any sudden movements, lest I flash my gusset.

dress - vintage; shoes - witchery.

Might I also add those shoes still haven't stretched much and my left foot feels like the toe is about to fall off...friggin ow...anyway I'm crawling to bed, night all.

- Robyn


Skye said...

You look extremely adorable in that little dress - despite the threat of gusset revelation and spontaneous toe amputation!

Miss Karen said...

Wow that dress is amazing! You look dreat in it :D

Lisbeth said...

haha oh robyn those shoes! love the look, you've got fantastic legs! lucky thing being able to look so hot in something so short!

Robyn said...

Thanks Skye and Miss K :) Much as it's cute I really hope I get the agent 99 dress back soon...it's really hard to pack your gear when you can't bend over!

Oh and Liz the SHOES...lol they weren't that bad that day at Chadstone!

aikakone said...

Fantastic look! The "dress" (are you sure it's not an overgrown shirt?) and shoes match perfectly. I can see why you'd not want to flash anyone in that, but it's beautiful.