Sunday, September 7, 2008

bowling, ballarat and bargains

I went to Ballarat on Friday to watch my sister's high school band in a competition. They came third but because of scheduling issues we actually missed seeing a long way to drive to miss it! We went bowling though. I didn't actually intend to bowl and so was wearing perhaps slightly odd leg wear...I had my Nine West knee high brown suede boots over the socks, promise!

I also had Jess trying to psyche me out when bowling - note the one solitary pin left. I unsurprisingly missed.

Still, justice and my mad bowling skillz prevailed, and I ended up with the winning score (Kevin=me - Jess is also a huge Jebs fan and decided to name me after Mr Mitchell).

And to prove our responsibility, a self portrait at 110 km/h!

So Ballarat wasn't a complete wash-out. Especially because I found this lovely jacket in the st Vinnie's for $5!

Dress - Don't Ask Amanda; Jacket - op shop; Belt - vintage; Sunglasses - Target.

I've decided I'm rocking the 90s look this spring.

- Robyn


Skye said...

Cool jacket!

soph said...

ahhh I've been trawling op shops here there and everywhere for a jacket like that! But with no luck. I'm so tempted to just buy one from chain store *sigggh* Loving the last outfit as well XD

Lisbeth said...

hahaha take your 90's look and go find tori spelling and shannon doherty! hahah i have to say, unfortunately i'm falling a little into the 90's myself..... totally by accident. i'm doing everything i can to keep the waists low and the florals to a minimum! any day now you'll see me in a white tee with a strappy floral print dress and chunky shoes!!!!!

Lilac Stevens said...

I loove your take on 90s chic, I don't know if I'm game enough to rock the denim jacket and itty bitty nineties styled florals just yet!

Miss Karen said...

You know, I've never been bowling before in my life!

I love your 90s look it's so cool :D