Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comic Relief

So, at the moment I'm going for a new job, a customer service position for a Government agency. As of half an hour ago I found out I'd gotten to the next stage of interviews (yay!), having not sucked in the group interview yesterday. Where I had a cold, and had to borrow a suit. Namely, my mum's. Funnily enough, as a waitress/mediocre musician I own not a skerrick of corporate wear. Now, my mum is a pretty stylin' woman (I believe the term is 'uncommonly fetching mama') as the photo below shall prove:

And she looks awesome in her suit. I, on the other hand, looked like I was playing dress ups:

I think I have to get used to this corporate clothing business (oh, and buy stuff what actually fits if I get the job).

- Robyn

PS Cepacol throat lozenges are the weirdest things ever. They're anaesthetic to make your throat go numb but they also do it to your mouth, which is the strangest feeling.
PPS Not to sound like a revhead, but HOW COOL was Top Gear Australia on Monday night! Driving hands and feet free around that Holden test track was rather awesome, as was lawn bowls with Astras.


Miss Karen said...

Oh I think you look awesome! I have no corporate clothing to speak of either. And I hope to never have to wear it in my life!

Good Luck for the job!

And your mother is certainly one very stylin' lady :D

Alicia said...

Aaaaaahaha I hate how those lozenges make my tongue number than my throat! So bizarre!
You look great in corporate, good luck with the interveiw!!

A dreamer said...

dammit, top gear was on?? i missed that... arggh. but now i have the british version on DVD. yay!
anyway, good luck with the rest of the interview process!!

Tara said...

Hmm I'm still not totally sold on the Aus Top Gear... the British one will always have top place in my heart!
And I think you look good in the suit, good luck with the job interview!

esme and the lane way said...

You pull that look off so well! Good luck with the job. :)

fashionfake said...

I think you look great! and so does your mum!!

I always feel like I'm playing dress ups in corporate wear too.. luckily I don't have to wear it at my job =]

Eleh said...

OMG your mum looks like my english teacher.

and oh. good luck with the job!!

PorcelainBlonde said...

I think you pull off the suit really well :) I like the pop of red ( power colour!)and I love your strong pose! Fierce, haha :)

Good luck with the job.