Monday, July 14, 2008

Channeling cartoon characters+crazyass weather+suburban artiness

So I FINALLY found a black pencil skirt that fit in Supre of all places (I've been looking for one for quite a while). It's not high waisted but I'll live! I have a much smaller top than bottom (in case ya hadn't realised!) - I'm a size 8 top and size 10-12 bottom *sigh*. My measurements are actually 32-25.5-38.5 which is just a mess. Most high waisted things don't fit both my hips and waist, and I can forget about most rigid shift dresses (size 8s won't fit my huge arse, size 10s swim on my non existent chest). That's my rant for the day.

On Sunday I went down to Malvern RSL to see Connie Lansberg do her thang with some awesome jazz musos, then in the evening went with my mum to see Clare Bowditch, who was completely enchanting. She had Guy Blackman and Hot Little Hands supporting. Guy Blackman were like the Whitlams only not as good, but I really dug Hot Little Hands, despite the strangeness, and got their album afterwards. It's very very good. When I came downstairs after getting changed Kat said 'dude you look like Daria'. I should've worn my geek glasses and a hoodie.

Oooh, I look grumpy! Twas late and I was tired. Boots - Hot Topic; Skirt - Supre; L/S Top - Dotti; T-shirt - from the Grates gig; Cardigan - Jay Jays; Scarf - Myer.

Then today, OMG wtf was with Melbourne's weather!? It was like summer in July...crazy. I wore my new floral floor sweeping dress to hike up to the bank to put my pay in and felt like Elizabeth Bennet waiting for Mr Darcy to sweep me off my feet (well, Colin Firth was in Melbourne over the weekend but he never called, the sod).

Dress - General Pants Co (can't remember the brand, cbf checking); Blouse - vintage; Vest - Sportsgirl; Sunglasses - Dotti; Shoes - Target
OK, so maybe Elizabeth Bennet wouldn't have worn Dunlop Volleys. But I bet she would given half a chance.

I also took some arty photos surprisingly enough with my phone on the way there, so excuse the self indulgence.

- Robyn


fashionhayleytokyo said...

I love love love your 2nd outfit. So cool and 90's. Amazing. I wanted to go to The Grates gig too but didn't have enough cashola. I met Patience on the streets of Melbourne taking Street Fashion photos but didn't know who she was at the time:S She said she loved my outfit and that she will make me a necklace like the one she was wearing (I complemented it and it turned out she made it) She was with a friend of mine who it turns out was the stylist for their recent music video, that's why they were in Melbs! crazy-ness

Robyn said...

OMG you saw Patience on the street!? So cool! lol I would have made a complete embarrassment of myself if I saw her on the street...she's awesome.

Skye said...

Long dress and Dunlop Volleys looks so cute, perfect for running away fast when Mr Darcy turns out to be a boring uptight old fart! PS. Have tagged you for an award...

PorcelainBlonde said...

You look gorgeous in your Supre skirt, great find!
You are lucky to have such a tiny waist btw :) Your measurements aren't a mess, they're super feminine!

Robyn said...

LOL Skye, I can't hear you talk so badly about Mr Darcy...he has 10,000 a year you know ;) Thanks for the award!

And you flatterer PB you :) I will say having a small waist makes vintage stuff pretty easy to wear, but modern clothes are NOT cut the same...they seem to think us ladies all have boy figures these days!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pics!

Lady Grey said...

i like the long floral number super neat!