Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dressing in cold weather sucks

Hey guys, sorry for the non-posting, but how cold has it been in Melbourne lately!?!?!? I've been snuggling down in jeans, hoodies, converse and duffel coats. Last night I made an effort though, because we went out for drinks. Having a perm has made it impossible to blow dry my hair after washing so I had it up in a very messy bun sorta thing. And I think the coat is the only not-seen-before item in this picture (I bought it last year but don't wear it much)...I need to mix it up a bit!

Boots - Nine West; Dress - Target; Scarf - Myer; Trench Coat - EDC by Esprit

Keep warm guys!

- Robyn


Imelda Matt said...

no one want to leave the house let alone blog in this gruesome weather. Glad your back!

Skye said...

The weather is vile here too, it does make outfit blogging hard when you have the practical considerations of STAYING WARM ENOUGH TO LIVE to deal with!

Hannah said...

My outfits have been revolting lately owing to the weather.

Sydney is VILE VILE VILE. I cannot stand it much longer!

Bring on summer, I say.

That being said, I like your outfit. I think it's easier to look cute and stay warm in casual wear, it's really hard with office clothing IMO.

PorcelainBlonde said...

You manage to look both cute and warm :)
Quite an achievement given our weather!
Your outfit has a funky english girl vibe about it to me.


CoutureCarrie said...

Great scarf & boots! I am kinda excited for it to get cold again . . . it was 85 degrees here in CT yesterday!

a cat of impossible colour said...

The weather sucks here in NZ too! Today I have sacrificed style for warmth. I feel like such a sell-out :(

Just discovered your blog, yay! I'll be back :D

Fashion Addict said...

I can't believe Melbourne is that cold! I just didn't know that there was such a big difference with other countries. It's pretty hot over where I live and I can't even imagine pulling out a jacket! I love your outfit though! Very nice on you.

BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

cold weather in the summer??

Robyn said...

Sorry for the very late reply fashionaddict...would love to do a link swap with you :)

Thanks for all the comments too guys...yes, it's amazing how cold supposedly Sunny Australia gets :)