Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Geek glasses=genius

Sorry for not posting for a bit...I've been busy doing things etc. Plus it's bloody freezing. Anyway I ordered some geek glasses over the internet and they came last week:

I look like Nana Mouskouri don't I...

Skirt - Jay Jays; T-shirt - Threadless.com; Vest - Sportsgirl; Cardigan - Jay Jays; Jacket - Big W; Scarf - Rubi; Boots - Target; Glasses - scarletribbons.co.uk

And lastly, some friends came over for lunch last week, including young Ethan with the cutest winter hat EVER:


- Robyn


Skye said...

Extra cuteness factor of about a billion for Ethan's hat (but your outfit is pretty cute too).

Hannah said...

He's so precious!

Plus, you have the most amazing outfits. I love how you work in a budget and manage to look so fabulous.

hannah (p+l)

Hello Lovely? said...

I love this outfit. Very Luella geek chic.

Love the glasses too.