Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Job hunting in cold weather

Just as well I was job hunting in a shopping centre today (Chadstone to be specific) - it was bloody freezing!!! I've got my fingers crossed that I get the position I was after, and if you would like to cross your fingers too I'd be most grateful. I don't really know what exactly I was going for, kind of vintage glam girly grungy whatever style today.

Shoes - Joto; Dress - some random cheap shop on Chapel St (the Windsor end!); Top - old thermal of my mum's; Scarf - mum's; Jacket - Jay Jays; Clip - Mimco

This is without the jacket...it's actually a very girly palette for me really.

My lovely new Mimco hairclip - I got it on ale for $20! I think it will match my big band dress well.

And another lovely Diva ring.

- Robyn


soph said...

great outfit, especially the thermal/dress/scarf combo (second photo). fingers crossed you get the job!

Ghost said...

Ah you are so gorgeous I want to steal you!

Chadstone is evil be careful working there - I worked there (and technically still do for the sort-term) for about 6.5 years in various locations and you spend ALL your money shopping on your breaks!!!

Butttt if you do end up getting a job in that awful machine, I might have to find you and steal you.

...in a non-creepy way!!!!

PorcelainBlonde said...

So pretty! You seriously look like a doll :) I love your makeup, especially your cheeks and lips. Would you mind telling me what products you used?
Oh, and I'm jealous of your super shiny hair!
Hope you get the job :)

sophia said...

i adore that mimco clip!
you are very pretty :)

Robyn said...

Ohh you guys are all so nice! I might have to put a security tag on myself...I don't want to be stolen ^-^ And yeah, if I end up working at Chadstone I might have to leave my credit and debit cards at home...could be dangerous! At least I wouldn't smell like a deep fryer after every shift though...

Porcelainblonde, I used Revlon lipstick in 'Wine with Everything' on my lips, and actually don't have anything on my cheeks. I have quite ruddy cheeks which show up on pale skin so I actually put foundation on to tone them down a bit!

And thanks for the well wishes about the job everyone! :D

- Robyn

Hello Lovely? said...

I really love your outfit here, and how girly it is. :)

Hannah said...

i adore the clip, love.

looks great.

i agree about working in shopping centres. i managed to spend all my cash when i worked in retail.

that being said, i spend it all anyway.

/poor financial manager.