Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kind of blue+yay for cheap shoes!

So, I've kind of been having a crappy week. Job satisfaction is at an all time low and I canNOT get a retail job. Someone bloody employ me already! I've seen some of these girls that call themselves SAs, I can tell you I'm a damn sight more presentable, eloquent and knowledgable than some I've seen, but of course having no retail experience immediately makes me a heathen in the eyes of the head office. Grr. Anyway. I was in Myer today and found cheap cute shoes ($19.50!) so that kind of improved my mood.

Shoes - Myer; Skirt - Esprit; T-shirt - Love Police (it's a Muse band shirt); Scarf - vintage; Coat - Bauhaus.

Oh and I recently (re)discovered the joys of the children's clothing section. Because I've quite flat chested I can fit into the larger children's sizes, which means cute pieces (like the cardigan below) at lower prices than in the women's section.

As above, with Cardigan - Target.

I probably won't update before Monday, so hope your weekends are all better than mine.

- Robyn


yishyene said...

I used to shop at children's stores too occasionally.. I've even bought boys' pants before lol :p

Nice cardi!

fashionfake said...

ahh I know what you mean, before I got my current job I applied for seriosly about 30 retail jobs in the city.. did not get one call back.

Don't give up, you'll get something!!

I LOVE shopping in the kids section!
I find it especially hilarious when you take it up to the checkout/dressing rooms and the sales assistant looks at you like you have rabies and goes "Thats a KIDS top, dontchaknow??"


L. said...

I love your Muse shirt. Did you get it when they were here last year? The shoes look awesome too.

Target kids stuff is the best. Especially because a 14 girls is really an 8 ladies. Except its $15 cheaper. They must think people are idiots.

PorcelainBlonde said...

Very cute, I especially love your coat.
You've inspired me to take a look at kids clothes! I can hardly ever find belts that fit my waist, so heres hoping :)

Robyn said...

Fashionfake, 30 jobs!? Sersiously!? I've only applied for 10! argh. lol I was super classy and tried the cardi on right next to the rack so didn't incur the incredulity of the changing room attendant.

I., the t-shirt was actually my sister's but it doesn't fit her anymore (Love Police t-shirts and singlets are stupidly small, that's meant to be a large and it's like an 8). My siblings are obsessed with Muse, and I've very very recently gotten into them after seeing the HAARP DVD. Hope to catch them next time they come out.

porcelainblonde, I so agree about the belts! Most of my belts are my mum's old ones from the 70s.

Karen said...

Ooh these outfits are lovely! I love shopping in the kids section too - especially as all the kids clothes are just miniture versions of the adult variety (I guess it's the only advantage of the tweenage marketing scheme?)

And good luck on the job hunting!

Skye said...

Very mod today! I am a size 10 (and not what you'd call skinny) but can shop the kids department too because I am short and narrow of shoulder and small of frame. It can be an absolute goldmine, if you've got the patience to sort through the mini skank wear and barbie pink yukkiness.

Hannah said...

I occasional shop kidswear. I can never got tops to fit thanks to the bust, but fatty kidswear fits me.

Gorgeous outfit.

lolly said...

I trawled my way through the kids section and bought myself a hoodie and a cardie (there was very little left beyond a size 8 - all the tubby kids beat me to them - doesn't anyone ever think of me?!). And then I log on here and I look at the cardie...and OMG we're twins. It's so cute and warm! I just wish the two top buttonholes were actually holes!