Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yay for Jay Jays!

So I was in Southland doing my banking on Monday and walked past Jay Jays, and saw that they had a copy of the much-lusted-after Luella ruffle miniskirt, for $29. Made me very very happy. Then yesterday I was rifling through the sale racks at Sportsgirl and chanced upon this denim vest for $20.

Top - Sportsgirl; Vest - Sportsgirl; Skirt - Jay Jays; Leggings - Target; Slippers - Kmart :P

I've also got straight hair at the is a better photo because I looked slightly crazed in the first one.

I will have to put up better photos of my new uber cute bow clips, which I got from the Bendigo art gallery on Saturday, when we went up to see the Archibald exhibition.

- Robyn


Francis Girard said...

Oh how I miss all my fav Australian labels. Is it true Witchery bought MIMCO? No one seems to have the answer for me. Maybe CSW can give it to me??? xf

Robyn said...

Hey Francis, I wasn't even aware of it! But I googled and yes, it looks like Witchery acquired Mimco in September last year. There's an abstract of the article here but it costs $48 to read the whole report... Hope this helps!

- Robyn

xx said...

aww that skirt is adorable!!
I love jay jays, although I haven't been there in a while.


Robyn said...

Yeah, I sometimes find their stuff is a bit teenagey or they'll just have basics. I go in sometimes with my sister but hadn't gone in myself for a while.