Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bling bling

I was just doing a bit of shopping yesterday...went to Allans in the city (Tuesdays seem to be new gear days for me!) to buy guitar strings and a new tuner (I stupidly left mine at the high school. $45 down the tube. le sigh.) and to lust after guitars. I played a REEEEEAAAAALLY nice Epiphone Casino. It was even, dare I say, nicer to play than the Gretsch Electromatic 5120. Won't be buying any new guitars soon though...I have to first get a tuning pedal, a volume pedal and a proper gigging amp (Fender Blues Junior here I come!).

So anyway I was walking past Cotton On and decided to go in as I know they sell cheap and cheerful shoes now, and they had a table full of EXACT COPIES of the Dior gladiator sandals SJP was wearing in the SATC movie. I know what I'm getting next pay. Super duper high so I'm going to have to practice walking in them, but SO NICE!!! (What is with me and Caps Lock today...)

But yes, was shopping, and popped into Diva. I bought a cute 'silver' ring with sparkly sparkly crystals so I have something fun to wear when I'm playing guitar, then was queuing up at the register when I saw...the Lego ring!!! I immediately grabbed one. I remember seeing it on the net aaaaages ago but it was a sterling silver and diamond version and cost a pretty penny. Yay for cheap jewellery shops ripping off nice jewellery and selling it to me for $10 a piece :)

- Robyn

PS I'm going to Karaoke on Friday night....yay for not working Friday nights anymore! Any suggestions on what to wear?


The Collector said...

Those Dior copies sound cool. I had no idea cotton on did shoes! Do you know if they are leather? I'm guessing no?

Robyn said...

I think that the shoes are done by a company called Rubi. Apparently they have standalone stores too, but also sell their shoes in Cotton On. at $60 I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be real leather :)