Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introducing le chat

This is my little sister Kathryn. She's 16 and has a much, much better sense of style than I did at that her age I was trying to be a punk.

Singlet - Cotton On; Cardigan - that random one I stole yesterday; Skirt - Volcom; Shoes - Emily the Strange.

I'm seeing Liam Finn tonight...very very cool musician (and yes, the son of Neil Finn of Crowded House fame, my absolute most favourite band ever). Liam does crazy one-man-band guitar loops and drums and is a talented bugger. Check out his music here.

Coat - Sportsgirl; Scarf - Cotton On; Dress - Target; Boots - Nine West.

And finally, thanks to my myspace-obsessed immature sister:

- Robyn


raggamuffin said...

i laf your coat !

Robyn said...

Danke! Unfortunately I walked past about 5 people on Brunswick St wearing exactly the same jacket. I guess that's the bad thing about chain-store buys; everyone has them.