Saturday, June 14, 2008

Liam photos

I'm sorry about the lack of photos the past couple of days...I haven't been wearing anything of interest (skinny jeans, the jacket already pictured, converse) because of the cold weather and my increasingly untidy wardrobe making it impossible to find what I want. After my last exam on Monday it's time for a serious overhaul.

Anyway Liam was amazing as he always is, and this time there were so so many people at the gig! Last time we saw him last year at the Northcote Social Club there weren't that many, but I guess with all the publicity and stuff the public are catching on to his genius. Well my friends and I were at his first ever solo gig in Melbourne last year so we can say we were there're wankers.

He had the lovely EJ Barnes on backup vocal/percussion/autoharp duties as he has done for a while. She's very funny and they bounced off each other well. She was having problems with her vocal looping pedal leading her to scream 'FUUUUCK!' a lot into her mic (and she can really scream) and was taunting Liam about his (lack of) height. Liam smashed his guitar into the ceiling upon taking it off for the first time, and it wouldn't stay in tune after. EJ asked if he had to stretch far to reach the ceiling.

- Robyn

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On Track said...

I really like Liam, he is a really kind down to earth guy but I have never seen him play solo. Reading your post though and seeing your gorgeous pics i'll definatley have to go and catch a show :)