Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yay for hats!

I felt like wearing my Mimco bowler today. I feel like I need to get some value out of it...I bought it a few months ago in a moment of insanity when I was working heaps and hence (relatively) flush with cash, and this is why I need a more regular work schedule. I'm hardly working the next couple of weeks because of birthdays and gigs (one I'm watching, two I'm playing) so I'm really flat broke at the moment...argh. That hat could have gone towards my physio bills or a guitar pedal...oh well.

Hat - Mimco; Blouse - Quirky Circus; Dress - Bras N Things (It was a nightie I bought on sale for $10. Score!); Cardigan - stolen from my sister; Shoes - Sandler; Bag - my mum's.

I look better overexposed.

Oh and I only had five hours of sleep last night, hence the zombie face. I had to be up early for rehearsal and was kept up reading James Morrison's (the trumpeter, not the singer-songwriter) autobiography, Blowing My Own Trumpet. Seriously the funniest book EVAR.

- Robyn


Sandra said...

Haha I couldn't afford the mimco bowler either (which is why it's on lay-by)but you wore it in an inspiring manner. Good work, this is one of the few fashion blogs that seem down to earth.

Robyn said...

Thanks Sandra :D Hope you have lots of fun with the hat!

aikakone said...

Love the bowler hat.

Love the photography, particularly the 2nd one.

LOVE your profile photo. Geez you look hot!